Keep These Numbers On Tap For All Your Home Emergencies.


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There are some numbers you have in your cell for chats, giggles and gossips. But there are others that you absolutely have in there for when home emergencies strike. We always hope for the best, but sometimes things do go wrong with our properties. And there’s nothing worse than not knowing who to call when you need a SOS. It’s better to collect numbers throughout the year by word of mouth and research than wait until the house starts breaking! What was it the scouts always said? Be prepared!


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Roofers, Guttering And Windows

We have four walls and a roof over our heads, and we thank our lucky stars. But we don’t often think about the roof or guttering going wrong. But problems can occur with guttering when they start to sag, get holes in them or clog up. Gutter channel water away from the foundations of our home but when they stop working it’s a complete pain. Water, leaves and debris can all get stuck, and it’s a bit of a messy job to clean. The same can be said for roofing issues and often these problems are unforeseen. Roof leaks, billowing, lack of maintenance and ponding of water can all cause serious damage to your roof. Always keep a reliable roofing contractors number in your cell incase emergencies like these arise.


The same goes for plumbing issues. Whether you have a faulty boiler, a leaking washing machine or a toilet that is overflowing, all can be extremely frustrating when you can’t fix the problem yourself. Always make sure to keep the number of a good plumber you have used in the past. And if you don’t know any, ask friends for plumbers that they can recommend. Try and find a plumber that also does evening and weekend call outs, in case you have a serious emergency out of hours too.


We like to think we’re organized, and we’d never forget something as simple as a front door key. But it does happen. And when it does you’ll be banging your head against the wall. Always keep a local locksmith number in your cell for that time when you were so rushed you forgot your keys. Hopefully, you didn’t forget your cell too! Again, make sure you have an out of hour’s locksmith too.


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Our last number to always have on tap is ICE. ICE stands for In case of Emergency, and you can save your next of kin’s number into your phone under this name. If you have a serious medical problem with your health or there is an accident at home and you are alone, this enables first responders and medical teams to easily find and contact your special person. The ICE app displays this contact information even on your smartphone’s locked screen. You can also add in other details such as any medication you are on or any allergies you have. Make sure all members of your family have the ICE app. It’s useful not only for the home but also out and about too.



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