How to keep your car cool in summer

Keeping your car cool is vital to its performance, and you and your family’s comfort this summer. From radiator cooling systems to air conditioning replacement and repair, there are a few handy ways you can keep you car cooler in the summer heat.

  1. Get your EGR cooler serviced

An EGR cooler is a clever component that lowers the temperature of your car’s exhaust gases that are recirculated back into the engine. When it isn’t working well, your engine can run excessively hot which not only makes your car stifling, but impacts your car’s performance too.

If you notice your engine is overheating or your engine light comes on inappropriately, you may need to get your EGR cooler serviced. Diesel engines are particularly susceptible to overheating, so if you drive a diesel car make sure you get your EGR serviced this summer.

  1. Check the coolant you use

All coolants aren’t created equal, and the Australian summer requires special coolant characteristics. Make sure the brand you use is created for the Australian climate, and if you’re not sure, check with your nearest auto repair store.

  1. Don’t waste time pre-cooling your car

Turning the air conditioning on before you get in your car seems like a good idea, but it doesn’t work, as the air conditioning system isn’t as effective before you start driving. Instead, open all the doors to let the hot air out before you get into the car, then hop in, close up and start the air conditioning. The air conditioner will be far more effective and you’ll cool down quicker.

  1. Get your air conditioning system checked

Efficient air conditioning is vital for the hot Aussie summer, and a regular service of the system is an important part of car maintenance. Good auto repair shops will have auto air conditioning technicians who can connect your car to a charging station and measure the air conditioning system’s pressure. This allows them to locate any defective components that have been damaged or clogged, so they can be repaired. Great auto shops will also extract and store your system’s refrigerant gas so it can be returned to your car one the air conditioning system is fixed.

  1. Cover your windscreen

A reflective windscreen cover may seem like an old fashioned way to keep your car cool, but it truly works. By reflecting the sun’s rays, your dashboard and steering wheel stay cooler to touch, as does the rest of the car thanks to the imposed shade. These handy covers fold up neatly and can be stored out of sight for hot days.

  1. Keep towels or sarongs handy to cover leather seats

Leather seats can burn you and your kids’ sensitive skin if you hop into a hot car too quickly. Save your skin by throwing a blanket, towel or sarong over leathers seats before you leave your car this summer. When you return, you’ll find the seats are not nearly as hot, and you’ll avoid the burn.

Keeping your car cool this summer helps keep your kids comfortable, and protects your car from damage. Try the tips above to stay cool in the hot Aussie sun, even when the shady parking spots are taken.



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  • I have mount and balance tires to replace the old ones. I’ve also done preventive maintenance and did the change oil procedure to ensure the top condition of the car for the upcoming summertime.


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