Jumpstart Equipment: Essential, Portable, And Effective

New Technology Is Changing Daily Life In America

Organic LED lights, greeting protocols, and other technology solutions are redefining what it means to be a homeowner. This trend has even extended beyond the house. The Internet of Things is everywhere today. It’s in grocery stores, stores, government buildings, schoolhouses—even movie theaters; think “Masterpass”.

One of the most exciting applications of such technology comes in the world of vehicles, where IoT has definitely made a splash—especially pertaining to security. From immobilizer technology to fingerprint logs, GPS tracking, and more, there are quite a few different security gadgets for vehicles today that can help you protect the investment that is your car.

Computerized tech can monitor the engine, and if you’re utilizing GPS tech, you can always have information that describes where your vehicle is. You can start your car with the swipe of a finger across your phone’s screen, or even lock it remotely.

But as exciting as these innovations are, what still has many more motorists excited are the tech solutions which allow for maintenance, troubleshooting, and contingency planning in the event of an emergency.

Stay Safe On The Road

It doesn’t matter how good your car is or how experienced a driver you are. Nor does it matter how good you are as a mechanic—eventually, at some point, you’re going to need to jump your vehicle.

There’s just no way around it. Maybe your elbow turned on a light as you were leaving the vehicle or you forgot to turn off the radio or the headlights. Maybe there’s corrosion in the leads from the starter to the battery. You might need a new starter, your alternator is going out or there isn’t enough water in the battery.

As you can see, there are quite a few different scenarios which can result in a dead battery even outside the normal temperature-change related difficulties which develop at seasonal intervals. From mechanical problems, to driver error, to unpredictable weather patterns, you’re going to need portable, reliable, straightforward jumpstart solutions.

A number of options in jumpstart equipment immediately present themselves for scrutiny. You can purchase starters with cables on them from Walmart that will do a pretty decent job—just be sure the alligator clips that connect to your battery aren’t cheaply made, but are of quality manufacture and won’t break with ease.

(DBpower Jumpstart device:

Reliable Equipment For Any Scenario

What’s advisable is finding a trustworthy, specialized equipment provider. Then you’ll get the right kind of clips, the right length in cables, and a device that is able to sit on a charge for a long time before having to plug it in again.

Going over this DBpower jump starter buyers guide by Tool Nerds, you’ll see it’s one such option that comes well-endorsed. According to the site, it: “…comes with lots of functionality while still keeping the price down. This makes it [of] great value for first-time buyers with low-capacity engine vehicles. The included smart safety protocols keep both you and your vehicle protected from damage.”

When you can source cutting edge support solutions for your vehicle in conjunction with IoT innovation, you can really maximize performance and safety in operation. Finally, in the right situation, such solutions can be a literal lifesaver. Vehicles have many components operating together, and a breakdown isn’t an “if”, it’s a “when”.


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  • i need one of these!

  • Jump starter is a winner. Dead batteries happen more often than not!

  • I learn something new everyday.

  • These products look awesome and my husband would be very interested I am sure

  • I had no idea tiny jumpstarters like that existed. Really useful alternatives to waiting around for a good samaritan.


  • My husband’s truck battery is always running dead. I don’t know how many times I have gotten a call to come jump him. This might be something worth looking into.

  • That DB power jumpstarter looks nice. I have one but it’s a cheapo unit.

  • I bought a TI calculator watch back in 1980. I love Dick Tracy tech!

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  • I’ve been known to leave the dome light on in my car resulting in a dead battery. This would be a great thing to have for those kinds of situations.

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  • We have very cold, snowy winter here and car batteries definitely suffer for it. I have seen jumpstart equipment before and need to pick one up for peice of mind.

  • I’ve never heard of something like this, sounds like it could be a great solution for many!


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