Is It Possible to Repair Damaged Double-Pane Windows? 

Double pane windows are a preferred choice for residential as well as commercial buildings for the obvious benefits of energy efficiency. The multi-pane window construction not only offers great strength value but also provides noise insulation to make your house more comfortable. These benefits render double-glazed windows perfect for a building structure. 


The double pane windows feature two panes of glass that are resistant to instant breakage. However, you can experience condensation issues with double pane windows. Let’s see if it is possible to repair double pane window or not. 

Common Issues in Double Pane Windows 



If you want to make your house more energy-efficient, double-pane windows are an excellent choice. However, if not properly maintained, even the best products can develop some issues. Some common problems that arise in double pane windows are as follows. 

  1. Condensation – Seal failure or gas leak can cause condensation between the glass panes in a double pane window. 
  2. Water Leaks – Water leaks are mainly caused due to seal failure and prolonged exposure to moisture can cause corrosion issues in the windows. 
  3. Drafts – Improper window fitting can cause air leaks after some time and cause window seal failure. 

However, it’s possible to get rid of these window failures completely, so stay at ease. 

How to Repair Double Pane Windows?

You can repair double pane windows with the right skill set and some professional help. However, as the double pane windows have an elaborate structure so it’s best to get them professionally repaired. Some common double pan window repairs are as follows. 

To Remove the Condensation


Condensation can be removed by sucking the trapped moisture and air out of the windowpanes. You can avoid replacing the damaged window with a new one by using this method However, it is to be noted that it is only done by professionals.

  • A small hole is drilled in the corner of the window.
  • Cleaners are pumped into the window system to remove the trapped dirt and moisture from within.
  • The cleaning products are then pulled out via a second hole. Thus cleaning the window system. 
  • Finally, a drying agent is sprayed through the holes and the holes are sealed afterward. 

To Repair the Cracked or Broken Glass


The only effective way of repairing a cracked or broken glass pane is to replace it with a new one. However, instead of replacing the whole window, you can only replace the broken pane and save money. Here is how the double pane window replacement is done. 

  • Gently pry out the window stops and cut the window sealing tape with a putty knife.
  • Completely remove the old sealing tape. Clean the surface by wiping it with an all-purpose solvent.
  • Apply the new sealing tape to the frame. Now place the new double-pane unit on the window frame to fix it there. 
  • Adjust the new window in the space and fill the gaps using silicone caulk. 

If the window is installed with caulking, here is what you need to do:

  • Remove the wooden stops by gently prying them out.
  • Cut through the window caulking with the help of a utility knife.
  • If the window is stuck or broken completely and you can only break it out, make sure you cover it first with an old bed sheet or a carpet
  • Soften the window adhesive with a hairdryer or heat gun. Then scrape and clean all edges until they are clean. 
  • When the caulking is dry, apply some caulking at the edges of the window frame. Now take the new window and try to adjust it in the frame. 
  • Make sure to spray the silicone sealant to the stops of the windows and then replace them.

Some Final Words, 

Double pane windows enhance the efficiency of the HVAC system and insulate your home against the undesirable surrounding aspects. Damage in the windows if not taken care of can affect the energy consumption of the whole house. So as soon as you notice a crack or any kind of damage in your home windows, make it your first priority to repair them. A stitch in time truly saves nine!


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