Here’s an easy way to watch OTT on your TV

OTT platforms are all the rage nowadays. These OTT platforms have the latest shows that are the talk of the town. Furthermore, even the latest movies get uploaded on OTT channels. What’s more! Many times, movies get launched on OTT platforms itself. Therefore, it is easy to quite easy to understand that OTTs are now here to stay. 

However, the one problem with OTT platforms is that you cannot watch them on your normal TV. Yes, you can use your smartphone or your laptop for these. However, nothing comes close to the entertainment value that you get from your TV. With an OTT platform playing on your TV, the latest show can now be watched with everyone in your family.

Isn’t that amazing?

OTT on smart TV can be expensive

Sure, you can always buy the latest smart TV in the market. This way, you will be able to explore the various OTT platforms on your new smart TV with ease. However, there is one problem with this. The modern-day smart TVs are expensive. In such a tight scenario, how do you get to watch OTT on your TV while still maintaining your budget?

Well, what if we told you that you can now watch OTT on your same TV? All you have to do is just make the upgrade to a new DTH set top box that works on Android.

Why is DTH Android Box better than the normal TV?

There are multiple features that make Android box so much better. And yes, you can finally stream all the OTT platforms when you get an Android box as your new DTH connection. Here’s a list of some of the additional benefits that elevate your entertainment:

  1. With an Android box, you have an entire list of Google Play Store apps at your disposal. These apps have been optimized for consumption on TV. Furthermore, the wide range of apps ensure that there is something in there for almost everyone in your family.
  2. A DTH set top box with Android inside it also comes equipped with built in Chromecast. With the help of Chromecast, you can cast the content on your mobile phone to the TV, wirelessly. 
  3. Based on the Android box you choose, you can also get to use your voice to control the TV settings. Simply command instructions such as ‘increase volume’ or ‘reduce brightness’ and your smart Android set top box will do it for you. 

These are only some of the features that you can avail with a smart Android box. To explore more of these features on your own, you will have to purchase one yourself. However, there are multiple brands in the market. Therefore, this might end up confusing you as to which one is the right choice. Regardless, one Android box that you cannot go wrong with is the Airtel Xstream box.

The Xstream Android box comes with all the features that are mentioned here. Furthermore, it also provides multiple subscriptions to OTT platforms, absolutely free. Go check it out on the Airtel website today.



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