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Investing in the Oakland’s Revitalized Real Estate Landscape

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Oakland is a competitive real estate market and that’s why thorough knowledge is necessary. So before making investments, one must understand its trend. Also, the investors must understand the lucrative options of the local market.

Any experienced Oakland property manager would say that Oakland has seen a prosperous decade since 2012. Due to high home values, there’s less room for profit on house flips. As a result, investors are now considering long-term rental properties.

The details of Oakland foreclosures make it clear that it will continue increasing in the coming days. So, investors interested in the Oakland real estate market should secure financing early. 

Did You Know?

Oakland’s median home value is now $952,381. It has increased by about 197.6% since the first quarter of 2012.


3 Reasons Why Oakland Real Estate Market is Ideal for Investment

  • An Important Location

The importance of Oakland as a location is undeniable. It’s a well-positioned place that helps attract tenants of your desire. It’s not too far from San Francisco also which is another advantage. So, working professionals can also reduce their travel time. Also, the residents don’t have to face trouble while traveling. 

  • The Market is Appreciating:

With time the property prices in Oakland are growing. So, it’s wise to invest in a property that fits one’s budget. It’s possible that you can expect that the net worth of it will grow in the near future. Thus, invest the money you can afford today and anticipate higher returns tomorrow.

  • Higher Rents: 

The city is becoming economically strong and working professionals that’s why prefer it. But buying a home is never going to be a profitable solution. That’s why the number of tenants will grow. So, for your rental unit in Oakland, you will find tenants. Moreover, you can also expect high rates for the rental units. 

Investment in the Oakland Real Estate Market: Some Useful Tips

  • Prehabbing is Smart: 

Beginners can start with prehabbing which may attract maximum profit. To proceed with this you need to buy an investment property. Also, you will have to invest in repairing and making it habitable. After that, you can again sell it to another investor. Thus Prehabbing is a smart idea for real estate investors.

Did You Know?

As a property owner, you must follow the security rules of the Oakland government. The Chief of Police will determine the level of protection required.

  • Invest in Rental Properties: 

Find a reliable real estate agent and buy a rental property. Thus you can start earning and begin your journey as an Oakland landlord. But for more profits, you must focus on investing in multi-family. Thus you are also finding a suitable place in a city like Oakland where you can stay.

  • REITs: 

Real estate investment trusts or REITs help earn passive incomes for investors. They own and manage properties on behalf of a group of investors. For this process, there is no need for a down payment and that’s why it’s a smart choice. Also, you don’t have to buy any actual physical properties. For this reason, companies skilled in property management in Oakland California suggest it.

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  • House Flipping: 

If you are looking for a profitable investment option don’t ignore this method. It is appropriate for those who aren’t interested in long term investment. By house flipping you will only hold the property for a short period. So all you have to do is first find a property and buy it at an affordable price. Then renovate it and sell it when it seems profitable.

  • A Vacation Home: 

Oakland is a nice place for visitors. That’s why buying a vacation home would be a profitable investment. Moreover, if you are someone who stays far away from Oakland you will find a place for yourself to stay. Also, you can open it for visitors who would pay for the rooms. So, find a great location and buy a beautiful vacation home.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Oakland is a competitive real estate market that has developed with time.
  • Due to its growing economy, it has become an attraction for working professionals.
  • The high range of rental prices makes Oakland an ideal investment market.
  • For beginner investors, Prehabbing is a smart beginning. 
  • Investment in rental properties is also beneficial.
  • Real estate investment trusts or REITs can also help you invest and make profits. 
  • House Flipping is a smart process of real estate investment. So, buy a property first and sell it to someone when you get profitable deals.


Oakland’s real estate market is profitable for those who have a purpose. Otherwise finding solutions won’t be easy. So decide what you want and find a solution for it. Also, keep in mind the ideas shared here which will definitely help you earn more profit. 



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