Introducing one of the coolest baby high chairs around: Cocoon™ – The Complete High Chair

OribelI’m so excited to share with you the Cocoon™ – the Complete High Chair by Oribel. I’m always looking for new, cool, innovative, baby products to share with my readers so they’ll get a feel as to what’s cool these days for their little ones!

 Lately I’ve come across some pretty innovative baby products but nothing, I mean nothing like the Cocoon™ – the Complete High Chair by Oribel. Now I adore the Oribel brand for they specialize in creating some awesome products for babies that focus on development, quality and much more. Their line of products will help your child transform easily from every stage of growing.
By now I’m sure you’re wondering what makes this high chair so special than any other high chair. Well this new high chair takes your child from 6 months to 3-years with its transitional design. The seat reclines for infants, semi-reclines for babies starting solid foods, and then becomes an upright high chair with a tray for toddlers.  The side tray makes feeding small infants comfortable for mom and dad and can convert to a double tray that allows you to remove the mess while your child is still securely fastened into her seat. It’s just an overall well- constructed smart high chair that again will meet the needs of your children as they grow.

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The Cocoon™ – the Complete High Chair by Oribel was inspired by the butterfly, the Cocoon™ transforms from a comfortable recliner to an early feeding chair with its unique and ergonomically designed Food & Cup Holder. Cocoon™ also comes complete with adjustable height and recline positions, easy clean foam seat, stow away tray feature and foldable design – the full set of features for the most complete high chair you can find.

My daughter and my son in-law are working on having their first baby and I can’t wait to gift the Cocoon™ – the Complete High Chair to them for their little bundle of joy.

I can only imagine just how comfortable she or he will be in the Cocoon high chair, it’s definitely a great investment for all parents. Plus it has a fold away design that will allow mom to store away easily, but most of all it can travel with you anywhere even to grandma’s house.

So remember the next time you’re looking for a good high chair for your little one think about investing in the Cocoon™ – the Complete High Chair by Oribel , it’ll make a great baby shower gift too!

Check out these features:

  • 3 Recline Positions to maximize comfort for your child at different feeding stages
  • Comfortable Foam Pad that is waterproof and easy to clean
  • 6 Height Adjustments
  • Food & Cup holder holds a cup or bottle as well as a bowl and easily attaches to either side
  • Magnetic Stow Away Tray
  • Foldable Design for storage
  • Available in four different colors – Plum, Orange, Almond, and Slate.


L: 81cm (32″)

W: 56cm (22″)

H: 107cm (42″)

N.W: 9.75kg (21.5lbs)

G.W: 12.75kg (28.0lbs)

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