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How to Increase the Engagement of Your Instagram Followers by Means of Direct Messages?

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Though the quality content and right hashtags choose are of utmost importance, they won’t get you so far without the followers’ loyalty and involvement in all that’s happening in your IG account. If you ignore the engagement of your IG followers, you ran the risk of getting the most passive audience ever. It will follow you but won’t interact with you. And taking into account the Instagram algorithms which consider the post with a higher number of likes and comments the most valuable, there is a chance for you to go under the radar and fall on deaf ears.

What is ER?

ER is the number of your followers that likes, comments and interact in other ways with your account. You can measure it for a post: ER(post)=(Likes+Comments+Shares)*100%/(Post*Fans) or in whole ER= Likes+Comments/ Reach*100.

The ER depends on the number of your followers: the more followers the lower should be the ER: for an account of 1000 followers, the standard ER is around 7-15%. And for huge accounts, for example, with more than 50,000 followers, the optimal level is around 3%.

As it was mentioned above, the engagement rate in Instagram affects the ranking of posts in the feed. The more ER, the higher your posts are displayed. The higher they are, the more users will see them. The benefit is too obvious for words.

How to Enhance the ER on Instagram through DM?

Yes, you can send Instagram DM online not only for direct sales and sharing funny pics with your friends, you can significantly boost the engagement rate of your followers as well. You can use sharemyinsights to increase your Instagram engagement.

Group Chats

One recipient is good and 32 is much better. 32, that’s the number of users that you can add to a chat. You can create a chat for:

  • Discussion of goods. Create a general chat room to discuss your new product line. In the process of live communication, followers will share their opinions and experiences, talk about the benefits(and fails) of the product. Such first-person recommendations always inspire confidence in the eyes of users who have not yet decided to purchase.
  • Reviews. The organizing of feedback in the chat has several advantages. Each new review in the chat is personalized, any member of the discussion can go to the author’s profile, and make sure that he is not a bot. Each new review will be sent to a chat member, and enthusiastic reviews will most likely motivate him to make his own purchase.
  • A&Q. Surely, you have to answer a hundred same type questions every day: “How much does it cost?”, “How to order?”, “And is delivery paid?”. If you are fed up with saying the same things over and over again, create direct chat rooms. And if you want to know how to automate the process better, keep reading.
  • Technical support. Solve problems before the all-searching eye of your followers, answer questions like “I can not follow the link”, “publication is not available”, etc. Show the mechanism of the company’s work from the inside. The companies, who are not afraid to expose shortcomings, but at the same time promptly and accurately respond to comments, inspire respect and trust.

Create different chats and test how your customers react to them. Naturally, this is not the whole list of ideas for group chats, spend a couple of minutes, flex your creative muscles.

Quick Replies

Let’s return to the “Q&A”. An alternative to chat for solving common questions is the so-called quick replies. You can create templates to answer the most common questions, like “How much is it?”, “How to order?”.

Each time you receive such a message again, simply select the desired template and send. This will save time for typing a message, clarifying the cost in the price list and so on, as well as shorten the waiting period for an answer and reduce the risk of customers leaving to competitors.


It’s not a secret that a huge number of publications on Instagram are overlooked due to a large number of active followers or the unpredictable actions of the “smart feed”. Can you imagine how much important information slide by your customers every day?

Here the possibilities of DM will come to the rescue, namely, the mass distribution of letters, because people always read personal messages, always.

For a start, I will tell you what can be sent, and then we will figure out how to implement it. So, ideas for newsletters using direct to Instagram:

Greeting. Send a personalized welcome letter to each user who has just followed you, tell your UTP, give bonuses for the following.

Thank for your purchase. Thank the client for choosing your company, evoke positive emotions, all that will boost the rate of your audience engagement.

Renewal of assortment. Inform followers about the new arrival of goods, pay attention to specific categories, products of the week, bestsellers.

Specials. Let your customers know about upcoming promotions. People love it and will be thankful.

News. Inform followers about changing the schedule of your office, about moving, opening a new store and so on.

Congratulations. Show signs of attention to followers on significant dates: birthday, the anniversary of the first purchase, Christmas.

How to do it fast?

Of course, you can send all the direct messages by your hand, wasting your time, power and shot. Or there is an option of delegating the task — automated mailing is a workaround. With the help of Instagram Bots, you can do all the mentioned above actions but without putting too many efforts to it. These tools possess a wide range of advantages as quickness, safety (the probability of hitting the ban is minimized), the abilities of a large audience reach per day. In addition, it doesn’t require additional monitoring.


As you see, Instagram DM is not just an instant messenger for communication and personal correspondence but an extremely useful and rewarding tool for ER increase.



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