What is included when you rent a party bus?

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The most common question that event organizers ask when renting party buses is the cost of the service and what they should expect. Different bus rental companies offer different packages depending on the type of event and number of passengers. There are also special packages for special occasions such as weddings and nights out of town. But it is a good idea to go for the package that includes all the services so that you have fewer things to worry about during the party.

Here is what is included when you rent a party bus;

  1.   The cost is for a specific period.

Most party bus rental companies charge for the services hourly. But at parties, you cannot tell what time it’s likely to end. Most party-goers will end up extending the period regardless of how well the party is planned. Ensure that you know the rates for extra time and if you can negotiate for better terms.

  1.   Entertainment

Party buses come with various amenities to ensure attendees enjoy the party. Some of the popular amenities you will find in the party buses include big flat-screen TVs, video games and unlimited and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. They have comfy couches and state of the art dance floor with Karaoke machines. They also provide a high-quality home theatre entertainment system and ensure that they provide that club atmosphere inside the bus. Such amenities help to ensure that the party is fun and enjoyable for all your guests. You will also be served various snacks and favorite drinks including alcohol for maximum fun.

  1.   Professional chauffeur.

You do not have to worry about getting a driver since all your friends would love to enjoy partying as well. A party bus package will include a professional driver. You will be at ease during the party knowing that you are safe on the road under professional driving. In the package, they also include gratuity for the driver which is about 15%-18%. But it is also good to review the package so that you do not end up paying hidden charges. Some packages do not include fuel surcharge, clean up fees, or taxes. It is good to find out more about such costs first so that you can budget for the same.

  1.   Pick up and drop off costs and VIP transportation.

If you opt for renting a luxurious limo, you get VIP transportation where there is an on-board restroom, private VIP space, and various lighting options for that party mood. You also get at least two well-stocked bars and you may stopover at two or three venues for no extra charge. Changing party venues ensures that you get a variety of entertainment to keep your guests happy, and also enhance their excitement.

Depending on the type of bus rental and the number of passengers, you will be able to choose from a variety of packages. The more passengers that there are, the more luxurious the bus is likely to be. For additional decorations, you will cater for the cost of buying flowers and other decorative items. But they do not charge for the service, though in most cases, event planners opt to decorate the bus instead.



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