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The Importance Of Replacing Garage Door Rollers

Your garage door is not only meant to increase the curb appeal of your home as it is also intended for protecting your family and your valuables. The rollers are an essential component of your garage door. When it fails, you need to consider replacing them so your garage door will continue to work efficiently. Rollers look like small wheels that work hand in hand with your track. Their primary purpose is to let your rolling door do its job. There are different types of rollers you can purchase these days:

Plastic Garage Door Rollers

This type of garage door roller does not have bearings. It has a steel shaft and wheels made from plastic. They are used to be marketed as a self-lubricating roller which is maintenance free. Even if they are made from plastics, they still need to be oiled at least two to three times a year.

Without lubrication, plastic garage door rollers will become too dry and you will have trouble opening or closing your garage door. For you to diagnose the source of the problem, it is essential that you disconnect the door from the mechanism that operates it. You can do this by pulling the emergency release cord.

After which, you need to run the door by hand. This technique will give you some clues about how much work the mechanism is doing. If you notice that there is too much drag, you need to call a garage door repair Southlake technician to address the problem. It only means that your garage door roller needs service.

Steel Garage Door Rollers

The steel rollers you can purchase these days have eight ball bearings, which are molded into the roller. However, there will come a time when these bearings will fall out one by one. Opening or closing your garage door will be such a challenge. One way that you can resolve the problem is by finding out whether or not the rollers are wearing out.

You can do this by grabbing the roller while it is in the track. Wiggle the roller to know how much play it has. Expect the top rollers to have more stress because they are the ones that usually go first. There will be a noticeable lean when you open your door.

You also need to listen to your garage door as the noise is also an indicator that there is something wrong with your rollers. When steel rollers are loose, the sound that your garage door produces is similar to an old train. While lubricating the train may temporarily solve the problem, you still need to call a garage door technician to inspect the rollers.

Premium Steel Garage Door Rollers

This type of garage door roller has between 10 and 13 ball bearings. These rollers are built to last but can be noisy due to the presence of the metal on its track when it runs on the metal rollers. The nylon tire added into the steel roller addressed this minor problem and reduced the noise. New garage door these days have premium steel rollers.

The importance of replacing worn out garage door rollers

When one of the components of your garage door fails to work, the safety and security of your family and your belongings are at stake if you leave the problem unaddressed. It is important that you take necessary actions right away before a small problem turns into something that requires major repair. Do not hesitate to call a garage door repair technician to inspect and recommend solutions to the problem. The DIY repair might save you a few bucks but the solution is not for the long term.

Your garage door needs to run smoothly so you do not have to apply more force to make it go. Garage door openers are adjustable and a door that runs well will require less force. You can ensure safety if your door requires little to no adjustment. You can also be sure that your door will run much quieter. So if you notice signs that your garage door roller is not working properly, consider replacing it. Do not attempt to perform the roller replacement yourself. Hire an expert to do the job.



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