Importance of Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services

The post pandemic life has a steller focus on cleanliness and disinfection, and rightly so. The pandemic has taught us how the most seemingly harmless surfaces can carry the worst of germs and infections, and how unsafe it can be to not clean consistently. 

However, it is not as easy to clean regularly as it is important, and many times you need external help to manage these essential chores, especially where the commercial cleaning is concerned.

If you are a manager or a business owner, you probably already have a janitorial staff that cleans your office or workplace, which you hired through a janitorial business. What you might be missing out on are scheduled commercial cleaning interventions, which are different from janitorial services.

The definition of a janitorial business can vary according to the type of customers the business caters to, but the most important part of its definition is that the business provides janitors to keep up with the day-to-day cleaning of commercial places like offices, shops, schools, hospitals, etc. The cleaning tasks they perform are of a more surface nature, for example mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, taking out trash, dusting, etc. Most commercial places have a janitorial staff with set duties and responsibilities, and are usually supervised by custodians to make sure the place remains clean enough for day-to-day function. 

But every place needs a deeper cleaning from time to time. Just because things look clean does not mean they actually are. Places that have a lot of people going in and coming out tend to carry germs that can stay and become problematic. This is where cleaning services come in. Offices and homes have different requirements when it comes to deeper, heavy-duty cleaning, and so both are catered to by different professionals. What is important to understand is the difference between deeper cleaning and janitorial cleaning, and how often you require deeper cleaning.

If you run a business or manage an office, it is essential to keep your employees safe and look after their wellbeing. If you have a regular janitorial service that makes sure things look neat and clean, you are on the right path, but it is not enough! To ensure health and safety, it is recommended that you hire periodic cleaning services – time gaps can vary according to the need and stream of work the office is a part of – to deep clean the carpets, raised floors, hard-surface floors, HVAC and ACs, etc. and disinfect nooks and crannies in addition to the most commonly touched surfaces.

Bottom line is, the more attention you give to the cleaning requirements of your workplace, the healthier work conditions you will create for your employees. It is the responsibility of every employer to provide the best work conditions to their team, and must also ensure that any customer, visitor, or student etc. that comes into the space is also safe from potential diseases. At the same time, a healthy and clean workplace will ensure productivity, less employee leaves, and a happier environment!


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