How Your Small Business Can Thrive in the Global Pandemic

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Due to the pandemic, businesses have had to find creative ways to interact with consumers while keeping their businesses afloat. The pandemic has caused up to 64% of small businesses to financially struggle during this tumultuous time. However, a lot of businesses have found ways to interact with their audiences by using social media. Small businesses that were unable to adapt to the new ways have had to close their businesses down.

Finding New Horizons

This pandemic has provided a lot of opportunities for various businesses to find a more engaged audience on social media. In a manner of working with the pandemic, a lot of companies are finding their employees working from home. In doing so, people now work from home connecting with colleagues virtually and doing tasks virtually. Therefore, this means a lot of Zoom calls. You will need a dedicated space to conduct the calls. Meaning you need a space where family members don’t walk in during video calls, including the four-legged loved ones. These Zoom calls and video meetings have meant a lot of refurbishing of the homes. Based on the last couple of years, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 to improve your home.

Create a Direct Channel With Your Employees

Having a direct channel with your employees allows you to really listen to their problems and their issues. It allows you to understand what kind of issues they are facing due to the pandemic. Creating a relationship of trust and bonding with them on this level helps the employees to feel more empowered and liberated. Since they have the liberty to work from home, you can also entrust them with tasks and let them have the freedom of working whenever suits them. This way, they are able to work around the clock whenever they are comfortable. Having the freedom to work whenever they can, makes them more able to work when the creativity is naturally flowing. Rather than forcing the creativity to flow during the time spent at the office, the employees may produce a better outcome.

Enhance Your Living Space

Add some more comfort features to your home. Create a space dedicated to working and separate it from the rest of the home. Creating a space where you can unplug, you can move away from your desk and sit at a random place in the home. This can be casually sipping on your tea while you relax with your family members and check in with them. This kind of space distinction allows you to manage your home and work lifestyle better. As you can take small breaks and keep an eye on the house as well as work and manage the business side of things as well. Wondering how to bring about change? Well, you can make small changes by adding a few appliances such as coffee makers and setting up a desk instead of working at the kitchen table. Make sure you have enough space to store the mugs and the excess items in the cabinets.

Connecting With Employees Online

Employees have felt more connected with their managers, and more empowered. Since the managers put their trust in them, the employees are able to work in their homes. By incorporating video conferencing, 87% of people have said that they feel closer to their team. Video conferencing helps the employees connect with the team members. This keeps them in contact with their team to ensure regular work delivery.


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