How To Take The Best Possible Care Of Your Teeth In 5 Steps.

Your teeth are an essential part of your everyday communication and life. Flashing your teeth in a beautiful smile can beat any excuse if you turn up a little late to an appointment, for example. Or maybe taking a healthy bite into a green apple for a snack? Unless you are one of those people, who find it easier to unscrew the lid of bottles with your teeth. Whatever you do, you use your teeth everyday, so it is essential that they stay healthy. We do tend to ignore our little tooth booboos a little too easily. Whether we have an illogical fear of dentists or we simply don’t have enough time, dentistry experts see a lot fewer patients than other branches of medicine. It’s time to change this and to take care of your teeth now. Remember that looking after your teeth now means that you are more likely to keep them healthy for a very long time!


Drink Plenty Of Water

This may sound like the new skinny diet guide, but drinking water is the best way to keep your teeth protected when you are going out. Soda drinks, hot drinks, and alcohol are very harmful to your teeth. Experts reckon that they are one of the principal cause of tooth decay in the younger generations of children and adults. This is a very serious fact, as we surely all have a friend who drinks several cans of soda a day, or swears only by a large drink of sweet macchiato. These drinks are responsible for the destruction of the hard upper layer of your teeth, the enamel. Over time, the sugar in those drinks attacks the enamel and, where it breaks down, cavities can form. In short, if you are thirsty, grab a glass of fresh water as this is the best you can do for your mouth health!


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Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice A Day

When we were growing up, we have all surely heard that we should brush our teeth three times a day. In truth, three times can be a little excessive, specifically for all those of us who work in offices during the day. Over a third of workers don’t eat during their lunch break, often because they are under too much pressure to be able to take a break. If you want to be on the safe side, pack a toothbrush in your lunch box. If you don’t have the time to brush your teeth in peace at work, cleaning your teeth at wake up and before going to bed again is sufficient. For many, even though we have been brushing our teeth for years, it is a surprise to discover that they have been doing it wrong all the time. Colgate provides a handy instruction guide on how to brush your teeth effectively. To make it simple, you should be brushing your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes, making sure to brush every side of your teeth and floss at least once a day. The apparition of the electrical toothbrush on the market is making it an easier and much more enjoyable experience nowadays! However, be careful not to rub your gums as you do so.


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Don’t Share Your Toothbrush

While it may seem like a good idea if you are going away for the weekend or staying at friends’ overnight, sharing your toothbrush with somebody is putting your mouth health at risk. The human mouth is naturally infested by bacteria and viruses, and while many of those are harmless and may not even be threatening to you, hepatitis B or HIV are among the bacterial growth that can be found in our mouths. So remember not to take inconsiderate risks that you will regret in future. Additionally, it is current for energetic brushers to cause imperceptible bleeding as they clean their teeth. As too many diseases can be blood borne, you don’t want to risk life-threatening consequences out of laziness. Your toothbrush is private.

Visit Your Dentist At Least Twice A Year

You need to start planning for routine checkups with your dentists at least every six months. In a civilization where the fear of dentists is common, this may be asking a little much. But think of it this way: With time, your worries will disappear. Besides, this enables you to take the best care of your mouth health and therefore avoid any serious problem. It is not always easy to organize appointment during your working week, but do make the time for your teeth. Additionally, there are dentistry practices, such as, that welcome patients during the weekend, hence making your life a lot easier. Remember that the best way to avoid the dentist drill is to see your dentist regularly!


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Get Some Extra Cleaning

Brushing your teeth is important. But your mouth health depends on much more than just your teeth. For many, bad breath is a difficult stigma, for example. Brushing your teeth won’t help to sort it out. However, you can take a few steps to make sure that your mouth remains as clean as it needs to be to keep your teeth healthy and strong. For a start, mouthwashes, while they don’t replace brushing, can help preventing tooth decay by removing some of the bacteria in your mouth. For best results, you will naturally need to combine mouthwashes and tooth brushing to keep bad breath and plaque at bay. Additionally, your tongue carries bacteria too, predominantly sulphur-producing bacteria that are deeply linked to bad breath as well. This bacterial growth is generally benign and does not threaten your overall mouth health. However, it will help your mouth feel fresher and cleaner. Finally, last but not least, seeing a hygienist at least once a year will help fight off hardened plaque, early gum disease, and tooth decay. This is a vital step in reducing the risk of tooth loss and monitoring conditions that may lead to cancer in future.


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