5 easy tips to de-stress anytime, anywhere with Bucky Bingo !

Nowadays, we encounter more of stressed faces than relaxed ones. Due to this fast pacing technology and fast moving world, there is less time for us to be at leisure and spend some quality and stress-free time with ourselves. With most of us running out of time, we tend to neglect the need to de-stress due to lack of time.  

But with these 5 easy de-stressing tips you can relax yourself anywhere, anytime.

1. Eat and drink:

Dehydration and hunger acts as stress multipliers. Always drink plenty of water or healthy drinks like fruit juice to keep yourself hydrated and eat nutritious food to stay healthy and stress-free.

2. Play:

Stress ball is not the only thing that you can play to relieve stress. Indulge yourself in games such as online bingo on sites like Bucky Bingo which is also said to be a great stress buster. Click Bucky Bingo page to know more.

3. Inhale and exhale:

Breathe slowly and deeply. Deep breathing helps in alleviating your mind and will help in relaxing your body, which will make you think better and aid in solving your problems.

4. Meditate:

Meditation is one remedy that never fails. Meditation is proven to be beneficial in many areas and one of the major areas is to relieve stress. Whenever you’re stressed, you can either meditate or try some of the yoga posters that can be done at anyplace where meditation is not possible.

5. Drink chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea is the best beverage that makes you reach that ‘happy place’ when drinking it. The anti-bacterial properties present in the tea gives you a soothing effect and calms you down. Not only is it a great stress booster but also is proven to be great in treating skin and hair problems.


Now whenever you’re stressed, try these easy de-stress tips and feel the difference.



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