How to Take a Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

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The urge to revisit the past often becomes greater as we grow older. Unfortunately, the responsibilities of adulthood and the rat race of modern living make it hard to find the time for such fancies.

While it’s not healthy to dwell on the old days too much, there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little nostalgic now and then. As a matter of fact, taking a quick trip down memory lane is a healthy part of the aging process if done in moderation.

For those with limited opportunity to do so, here are simple ways to revisit the past on your lunch break:

Listen to classic music

Everyone remembers the music they listened to growing up, even if they haven’t heard those songs in over 30 years. Dust off your album collection, find yourself a decent record player, and give that old vinyl a whirl. While you can probably listen to the same songs via digital streaming, there’s something special about the way music sounds on vinyl. That sound alone can be enough to take you back several decades in the span of several minutes.

Look through a box of mementos

Often full of photographs, class ribbons, ticket stubs, buttons, or any other assortment of objects with sentimental value, everyone has a box of mementos. If you find yourself longing for the old days, pull that box out of the closet and sift through its contents. You’ll find the items you know are in there and probably a few things you forgot about. There’s a reason you’ve kept those trinkets for all these years, so why not stop and relive the past for a few minutes by looking through your mementos.

Streetview old haunts

Here’s something you can do with just a smartphone or computer. Remember that old park you played in as a child? Or what about that neighborhood bar where you drank your first beer? Is the house you grew up in still standing? Use Google Streetview to recreate a real walk down memory lane by looking up these and other locations. While it might make you sad to see some old haunts are no longer there, chances are several are still upright with no sign of going anywhere anytime soon.

Enjoy a favorite treat

When was the last time you enjoyed an ice cream cone or piece of classic candy? We tend to steer clear of sweets as we age for the sake of our health, but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself now and then. Think about something you loved as a child but haven’t enjoyed in years. One bite should be enough to send you back in time for a short while.

Find old shows on YouTube

Reruns dominate the airwaves, but there tends to be a relatively limited number of old television shows in syndication. Use YouTube to find those random episodes of less popular content you remember watching in your youth. Since it’s been decades since you last watched these shows, it’ll be one of the more engaging ways to experience nostalgia on your lunch break.

Does revisiting the past appeal to you, but finding the time to do something so trivial seems too difficult? The good news is there are several ways to take that much-needed trip down memory lane without wasting a lot of time.


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