How To Show Love To The Elderly

Spending time with your loved ones can come in several ways. As everyone’s interests and love language are different, so can your approach for showing love to the elderly in your life.

Additionally, these activities won’t always mean extensive and costly gestures. Planning out tasks everyone can participate in is more than enough to do the job. Moreover, these gestures often become the best gifts for older parents.

Below are some examples of the best ways to show love to the elderly in your life. Read on to learn which ones you can include in your activities the next time you hang out with them.

  • Offer To Take Them To Appointments

Medical checkups are a normal part of an older person’s schedule. It helps keep a close eye on their well-being. As such, volunteering to accompany them to and from these appointments can be a form of showing love to them. 

Firstly, you can help alleviate their stress by ensuring a loved one’s presence during these checkups. This can be thoughtful when a senior loved one associates these visits with pain or discomfort. It also eliminates the need to look for and spend on transportation.

Moreover, taking part in their medical concerns can also be an enlightening experience for you. Seeing and understanding your senior loved one’s experiences can help you empathize with their feelings. 

Ultimately, taking time out of your schedule to drive them around brings the both of you together. It assures an older person’s safety while out of their home. On a personal level, it provides an opportunity for you to be there when they feel most vulnerable.

  • Hold Meaningful Conversations

Consistent visits can be more than enough to convey your emotions for your senior loved ones. However, holding meaningful conversations can significantly boost these visits’ quality. As such, preparing a list of topics ahead of time is the key to connecting on a deeper level.

Some excellent examples of these conversation topics include the following:

  • Their Childhood: A senior’s childhood often holds their most positive and vivid memories. As such, starting with a relatively simple topic helps to get their memory engaged and moods boosted. Additionally, you may bring up subjects like favorite pastimes and family experiences. 
  • Their Milestones In Life: Next, their achievements and relationships can be excellent follow-up questions. Subjects like their first job, dating adventures, and academic achievements can also provide you with personal insight into your senior loved one’s outlook on life. 
  • Their Present: Finally, conversations about the present are also essential to include in these conversations. This allows an older person to convey any recent thoughts and ideas they want to share. Furthermore, it also allows them to talk about new events that have become good memories.

Overall, a good conversation goes deeper than words spoken. Additionally, addressing their social needs could also be the key to combatting certain health conditions. In the end, showing love often comes from providing genuine interest in every aspect of your senior loved ones.

  • Take Part In Their Interests

Hobbies and activities can be an excellent way of bonding with the elderly. It creates opportunities for seniors to do what they love with the people they love. Moreover, they introduce new activities for the family’s younger members to learn and keep. 

These types of events are essential to any family with a senior. It helps to make them feel included and valued in the family. Conversely, it helps bridge the gap between the old and young. All of which may lead to passing down a family heirloom or kitchen recipe. Ultimately, these gestures connect and reinforce familial bonds. 

Some typical examples of senior hobbies can look like any of the following:

  • Cooking 
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Board games
  • Crafts

As stated earlier, keeping your senior loved ones mentally and socially engaged does benefit everyone involved. Additionally, adding some light exercise to the mix addresses their physical needs. All of which results in a happy, active, and loved senior.


Your elderly family members always treasure your presence at the end of the day. However, this doesn’t mean doing the same thing every time. Planning activities each week can significantly boost the quality of your time together. 

Additionally, intimate knowledge of a senior loved one will help them feel much closer. By opting for events that include everyone, you also reinforce their bonds. Hopefully, while your elderly may have trouble remembering some things, they won’t doubt how much you care for them.



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