How To Raise Healthy And Happy Kids

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Ask any parent what they want their children to be, and the answer is almost always unanimous: they want their kids to be both healthy and happy. When their kids get to achieve that, then that’s when parents can sit back and say they’ve done a good job of raising them.

All the other rewards parents can receive in life such as accolades and recognition are just extras. There’s nothing that would make them prouder than to see their children living a long, happy, and healthy life. After all, if so much effort is placed into looking after the physical and mental well-being of adults, why shouldn’t be the same afforded to kids, too? In the busy lives that children have nowadays due to extracurricular activities and academic requirements, it seems as if the focus is more on what your child can and can’t do rather than on what they feel.

But remember that one’s emotions are important. A stable and happy child can grow into a secure and even happier adult. Given that their childhood is their foundation for life ahead, it’s all the more pressing to ensure that early on, the goal of attaining good health and happiness is a priority for them.

That said, it’s never too late to set priorities right. Parents can always learn from each other, so here are some of the best insights on how you can raise a healthy and happy child:

  1. Encourage Outdoor Play

While technology is inherently good, it has only become negative today because there’s so much false dependence on it. This means that parents have let gadgets babysit their children. There are so many games and apps online that have come to replace face-to-face interaction.

Don’t let your kids spend their childhood in front of gadgets. Limit the use of such devices only to the weekend. Whether your yard is small or big, encourage them to go out and play. In fact, take some time in the day to go out as well so your kids follow suit.

Running on the grass, digging dirt, and breathing in fresh air are all good for your kids. It makes them happier and improves their social skills, especially if they’re playing in a public, outdoor playground. When your kid has good social skills early on, they’re also able to develop happier relationships in the future.

Apart from that, there are other benefits that outdoor play can bring, such as the following:

  • It gives them their daily dose of healthy sun.
  • It improves their executive function as the simple activities kids can do outdoors may encourage them to solve problems and multitask, among others.
  • It allows them to appreciate nature, which is needed to keep themselves grounded.
  1. Be A Happy Parent Yourself

You’ll be surprised by how much children mirror their parents. When you feel stressed and show it, this reflects on your kids. You’ll find that they start talking back more, become irritable, or have temper tantrums more often.

So no matter how stressful your day of parenting may have been, take it easy. Give yourself a break so that when you face your kids, you’ll be all smiles. When you’re positive and happy, then your kids will have reason to be the same way.

If you want to have happier kids, then you’ve got to show them how to be happy. Even if it’s just laughing at the silliest of things or being appreciative of the simple things in life, this will have tremendous effects on your children’s outlook.

If you find it incredibly challenging to be optimistic because of your mental health, turn to an establishment like so you can resolve your own emotional issues before they rub off on your children.

  1. Limit Screen Time

In relation to the first tip, it’s equally important to set a limit on your children’s screen time. If your generation was able to live without gadget dependency, then so can your kids. They don’t need to spend their entire Saturday morning facing the screen and playing video games and then later on have a tantrum when you tell them it’s time to stop.

This has to do with social media usage as well. There’s obviously a good reason for the minimum age set for users to be on social media sites. It should be alarming how many kids are now actively present on various social media platforms.

When your kids aren’t fully grown and they spend a lot of time on social media, it’s easy for them to get depressed or jealous of others. A classmate could have a toy your child has always wanted, or a person their age posts about going to places your family has never been to. The more you limit your kids’ screen time, the less exposure they have to external factors that may only cause them to feel terrible about themselves.

  1. Teach Them To Build Relationships

Building relationships is an important part of a happy life. After all, no man is an island. This is precisely why nothing beats sending children to traditional, physical schools where they get to interact with others. It’s not enough to leave your kids at home and socializing only with the people they know best, be they family members or close neighbors.

When you send them to school, you’re teaching your kids to make friends and share what they have with others. The younger your kids are, the easier it is to frame their mind to establish positive relationships around them through mutual respect, compassion, and generosity. In the long run, good relationships will make them happier and healthier.


The foundation of your children’s success in life isn’t just centered on their achievements or whether or not they’ve gotten straight A’s. Yes, those factors will help them stay competitive and find their place in the world, but they’re not the only ones that matter. 

Above all else, parents have to teach their kids about happiness, which can be difficult to attain at times. When your kids are happy, you know that they’re off to have a wonderful adult life. Most importantly, happy kids make for healthy kids as well. It’s never too late to create positive changes in your family life today, starting with the tips above.


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