How To Plan A Small Wedding Without A Wedding Planner

Are you thinking of getting married soon but are hesitant about hiring a wedding planner because you’re on a budget and probably a bit nervous at the same time. Do not worry, because planning a wedding with your partner is much more enjoyable, and after the day is done and everything goes to plan; it makes your wedding that extra bit special.

There are a million and one things to plan and book for big weddings, and doing it on your own would be a huge task if no one is there to organize everything. However, smaller-sized, more intimate weddings of 10 – 50 guests are a lot less stressful and require less detail, resulting in a wedding that fits your budget and less chance of things going wrong.

Here’s a list of the main steps to plan that fit your budget, and the smaller steps will fall into place as you get closer to the special day!


Choose a venue

This, of course, is the most important part of where you’re going to spend your whole day (or at least most of it anyway). Once you have a budget and a theme (if you want one), it’s time to pick the perfect venue to host your wedding.

  • Think about where you want it i.e., by the beach, in a small village, a beautiful church in the city, or somewhere exotic.
  • Does the venue need accommodation for you and the guests, and can the venue cater to everyone?
  • How far away is the venue from the wedding party?

Having one venue to cater for everything makes it ideal, but if you need some inspirational ideas for your wedding venue, look at wedding vendor comparison sites.

The wedding dress & groom wear

No perfect wedding day is complete without the perfect wedding dress!

When choosing a wedding dress, you also have to think of the bridesmaids, whether you want them to match with a stylish dress or they can bring their own, but in a specific color code.

You should give yourself plenty of time to picture the exact style of wedding dress you want, and once you have chosen it from a shop and ordered it, then it’s time to worry about your beautiful bridesmaids.

For the groom and best men, it is usually a bit more simple. Choose a suit you love and feel comfortable in, and get the best men dressed in similar matching suits.

Get a photographer

This is one of the most important steps, as the photographer will create your memories for years and years to come. Professional photographers like this Chicago Wedding Photographer don’t just take any old shots willy nilly. They create art with their work and capture the day in a magical sense and feeling so you can look back at the photos with joy and happiness.

Final Thoughts

Although these are the main things to think about on your special wedding day if you’re planning it yourself, some of the smaller details like the stag & hen party, the honeymoon, flowers, table design and more should also be considered in your overall budget.

Once you have set a budget and worked out how much the main parts will cost, you can slowly add other details for the exciting day.



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