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How To Pick The Right Mattress Type For You

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Are you tired of your old mattress? Do you have back pain or other issues related to your sleep? Well, the solution might be to get a new mattress. However, with that being said, there are many mattress types out there to choose from. So, let’s take a look at the different mattress types out there to find out which one is best for you.


The Type of Mattress

One of the main considerations you need to think about before you go out and buy any kind of mattress, is what the mattress is actually made of. This will make a big difference in terms of the quality of sleep which you will get. Let’s take a closer look at the various types of mattresses out there so you know what your options are.

1. Latex

Latex mattresses are becoming quite popular and this is for a good reason. Some of the benefits that you get with latex mattresses include that they are quite bouncy, soft, and responsive. In other words, these feel quite luxurious to lie on. Latex mattresses are also good for cooling, as they do not absorb or retain too much body heat. While these are comfy, they are not the best for body contouring or for good back support.

2. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses have become very popular as well. Memory foam used to be known for absorbing a lot of body heat, and therefore was not great for people who like to sleep a little cooler. However, some advancements have been made which helps them stay quite cool, but not too cool. The best part about memory foam mattresses is that they are great for body contouring, support, and pressure relief. You can always update to a Nolah plush 10 inch mattress in a box to find comfort too. This is a good kind of mattress to go with if you often suffer from back and body pain after sleeping. These things really hug your body, which is something that many people love about them

3. Coils

Coil or innerspring mattresses are some of the most common ones out there. They all feature on or more layers of coils on the inside, usually made of stainless steel. Keep in mind that the more coils the mattress has, the more comfortable it is going to be. These mattresses have strong edge support, they are quite bouncy, and they usually don’t absorb too much body heat either. In terms of support, these are kind of mid-range, but it does depend on the number and quality of the coils in the mattress.

4. Pillow Top

When it comes to really soft and comfortable mattresses, the pillow top is one of the best ways to go. These have a really soft cushioned layer on top of them which serves to provide you with warmth and comfort. They are great for people who require a little more warmth and softness while sleeping. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

5. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are a little tricky to talk about. This is because they can be constructed with a combination of latex, memory foam, coils, pillow top materials, and everything in between. Some may have more coils than memory foam, some might have a lot more latex, and so on and so forth. The whole point of hybrid mattresses is to maximize various benefits which come with each type of material. These are usually quite expensive, but the good part is that you can really customize your sleeping experience to the fullest.

6. Adjustable

The other type of mattress that you can go for is the adjustable mattress. Most adjustable mattresses are made with memory foam, but the defining feature here is that they have the ability for the sleeping position to be adjusted. You can raise or lower the legs, the head, and adjust the mid-section too. This is a good option for people who need to sleep in a specific position for comfort or health reasons.

The Best Mattress Type For You

As you can see, there are quite a few options to go with in terms of mattress type. Just make sure to look at the pros and cons of each, and you should have no problem finding the type that works best for you.



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