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How To Overcome Financial Issues Pertaining To Alcohol Addiction.

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Alcohol addiction can have adverse financial effects on young adults, their immediate environment and their lifestyle as a whole. The cost of alcohol-related job and class-absenteeism is even greater if lost workplace productivity is considered.

If young adults consume more alcohol than the metabolic capacity of their body, they may be intoxicated the following day, which can affect their performance at work and result in a salary cut/low payday. The effects on financial wellbeing is greater as addicts may need anti-anxiety and painkilling medicines to overcome the adverse effects of alcohol consumption.

Also, from the salary spent on drinks, drinkers may suffer lost workplace opportunities and economic problems, decreased eligibility for student loan programs, and legal expenses. In low-income countries, young adults may spend money on alcohol in excess of their income, which takes a burden on their standard of living.

Misuse of alcohol has also been linked to violence on campus. In addition, adolescents who have experienced domestic violence have a higher chance of being addicted to alcohol. Heavy drinking may reduce impulse control and impair judgment. This may lead individuals into issues which require legal settlement, and cause a burden on their finances.

Adolescents may also engage in casual sex after alcohol consumption; as the condition impairs judgment, they may neglect the practice of safe sex methods. This increases the chances of unwanted pregnancy and other diseases, for which visits to the doctor may be required, increasing medical costs. This can take a toll on their monthly spending allowances.

Excess alcohol consumption may also cause other addictions, such as smoking cigarettes. More than 50 percent of alcoholics consume cigarettes, which is three times the average rate. The combination of drinking and smoking increases the amount an individual spends on their consumption, as well as medical costs of overcoming adverse effects of both conditions, compared to drinking or smoking alone.

Heavy drinking can also affect sleeping patterns; it can worse or cause sleeping disorders including apnea. While some individuals may drink alcohol to sleep easily, they may suffer disorders in later hours, which will leave them tired the next day. As a result, they may start consuming pills that help them sleep better, increasing their spending patterns.

Overcoming alcohol addiction to resolve financial issues

Financial issues can’t be resolved without addressing addiction itself. Young adults have the following options at their disposal when it comes to addressing such issues:

Outdoor therapy

Outdoor therapy involves sports such as white water activities, camping and backpacking to provide adolescents experiences that helps them to make a fundamental change in their lifestyle. These activities are also consumed during the day, and lead to a good night’s sleep, reducing the urge to go out and engage in alcohol consumption.

Recovery programs

Some treatment centers offer young adult recovery programs designed to meet the needs of each individual. New programs involve transitional living where residents receive education about adverse effects of substance abuse and how to apply recovery principles to expected difficulties as they arise. To solve financial issues, programs also guide upon punctuality and money management principles.

Family workshops

Parents who are familiar with their child’s addiction can attend workshops that are focused on particular issues. In these workshops, an individual suffering from alcohol addiction will learn to surrender and address his/her responsibility in the relationship with other members of the family.


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