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How to Lose Weight Effectively? Top 5 Tips from Experts

Losing weight has never been easy, either because you don’t want to leave behind that delicious dish or because you have a fast-paced lifestyle, without the possibility of cooking healthy meals every day. However, despite all these problems, losing weight is about something as simple as consuming fewer calories than we burn for the day.

Is that easy? For sure, but that requires willpower. Below we will have a look at the best tips to lose weight according to expert doctors and nutritionists, ranging from taking care of portions to the use of drugs such as Reduslim as adjuvants on your way to lose weight.


1. Control portion sizes

A classic advice, measure the food we eat, but how much? This advice does not seek to specify quantities, but to remember something that could open your eyes, one cookie tastes the same as 10 cookies.

If you have a craving for something that could be measured in portions, for example, cookies, chips, French fries, etc. consuming less will satisfy the craving in the same way, without significantly affecting the number of calories consumed during the day.

2. Drink more water

Does drinking water burn calories? The truth, no, or at least not enough to make an impact on total daily caloric intake, but experts indicate that developing this habit is a key to controlling appetite during the day. If you drink more water during the day, especially before meals, your stomach will be partially full and therefore you will be satisfied with smaller portions of food.

3. Prepare meals for the week on Sunday

Certainly, it is somewhat complicated to cook food on a daily basis with the current lifestyle of most people, and this forces us to buy street foods, which generally belong to funkfood. Here the recommendation of the experts is to prepare food that can be frozen and transported easily to work or school, to be able to eat, for example, the same dish on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a different one on Tuesday and Thursday.

Here you not only take care of your figure but also your pocket. This activity could be done in a family, promoting the habit of healthy eating for everyone.

4. Use medications that help control weight

In this case, experts recognize that sometimes our efforts, no matter how huge, are not enough and therefore this advice is based on the use of drugs, such as liraglutide (Saxenda).

This injectable drug has been shown to help control weight, managing to lose up to 10% of the body weight of patients who use it on a daily basis. Saxenda works by decreasing appetite and hunger. As mentioned above, losing weight is as simple as consuming fewer calories than we burn per day. It is precisely in this that this drug helps us and is the reason why experts recommend buying Saxenda online.

5. Stay active during the day

This is the only advice in this guide that is not related to decreasing caloric intake. It is rather about increasing caloric expenditure throughout the day. Activities as simple as getting up from your work or study desk every 30 minutes, playing with a stress ball, or climbing the stairs instead of using an elevator can have a cumulative effect throughout the day that coupled with a good diet will lead us to losing weight more quickly and effectively.

We know that all these tips are equally valuable and do not force us to stop consuming our favorite foods. With habits so easy to do, it’s easy to get excited about trying them right away in our day-to-day lives. Of course, before starting the use of Saxenda, we suggest that you contact your trusted doctor for an evaluation of your situation. Moreover, such a step is obligatory, because this medication requires a prescription.



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