How to Look Stylish in A Shirt with A Print

Have you been looking for a cool way to wear your favorite Printed shirt? Then I think we have the perfect solution for you! We’re going to show you how to look stylish in a shirt with a print, and then we’ll explain why this trend is so popular right now.

Most men know that looking stylish is crucial for the workplace. However, when it comes to picking a shirt for the office, things get tricky. After all, a shirt with a print is a bit different from one with a button-down collar. If you want to look sharp, but don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes, then a shirt with a print might be the perfect option for your unique shirts of R2 Amsterdam. However, you must select the right prints for you so that you can make a good impression. This is why I’m sharing a few tips and tricks about how to pick the right shirts with a print.

9 Ways How to Look Stylish in A Shirt with A Print

Looking for a shirt that’s stylish but not trendy? Wanting something that will show off your personality? These 10 ways to look stylish in a shirt with a print are guaranteed to help you find the right look.

With a Tracksuit

I love wearing shirts with prints. The fact that they can make me look more stylish, especially if I pair them with a tracksuit, is a huge win for the unique shirts of R2 Amsterdam. But, the last time I wore a printed shirt was a while back and my tracksuit is all scruffy from being worn around the house, so I wanted to update it for the summer. I took the liberty of printing out a design of my own (my version of an old school logo) and paired it with a nice crisp shirt and some black trainers. I think it worked out well and gave me a little style boost in a big way.

With a Blazer and Cutoffs

First off, don’t worry if you’re not comfortable wearing a shirt and blazer combo because you think you look too casual. Remember, the goal here isn’t to look like a businessman, but to look stylish. So you need to make sure that you’re putting in the effort to look put together while also showing some personality. Think about what kind of clothes you like to wear—maybe you like to wear fitted tees, which you know you can do in this outfit. Then think about what kind of shoes you like to wear with a blazer and shorts combo—you can’t go wrong with a pair of boat shoes.

With a Matching Set

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s clothes that are so obviously styled together. Not because I’m some kind of snob or fashionista but because I’ve seen too many examples where the style choices are so obviously matched. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Even if it makes sense to some other people, why are they matching? You wouldn’t match a blazer with a polo shirt, and you shouldn’t match a shirt with a vest.

With a Pleated Skirt and Mules

To achieve the look of the pleated skirt and mules with the shirt, you’ll need to use the right proportions. You’ll also need to pay attention to detail. For example, the pleats on the skirt need to sit right above the waistline of the shirt. Additionally, you’ll need to have the pleated material lie flat and match up with the material of the shirt. This means the pleated material should have some texture similar to the texture of the shirt’s material.

With Cool Outerwear and Heels

Hannah Owo say that if you’re planning to wear your favorite tee shirt in a casual setting, it’s imperative to accessorize accordingly. To get the best look for your tee shirt, try this easy trick: match the neckline and sleeve length of your tee with the neckline and sleeve length of your outerwear. Then, select a neutral-colored belt or scarf that complements your style. Lastly, choose a heel that fits your shoe size and doesn’t overwhelm your outfit.

With a Bustier

Many women wear shirts under bustiers. This style looks good and can create a slimming effect. But, you’ll have to pay close attention to the fit of the shirt, and the neckline. Because the shirt fits wrong, it will accentuate your bustier and make you look larger than you are.

With a Bold Suit

Encourage the reader to try shirts with bold prints to spice up their outfits. The most important thing about suits is that they can be worn with a lot of different shirts. You can wear a simple white shirt with a suit, and there is a wide variety of shirts that match well with a black suit. However, with this outfit, you want to keep your top shirt clean, because a print is just not a good choice for a suit. A plain white shirt is the best option for a print.

With Distressed Jeans and a Top Handle Bag

Here’s a tip for your next outfit: Instead of wearing a plain white tee, add a print. Why? Because a well-placed print gives your shirt a subtle but eye-catching pattern. Also, when you wear distressed jeans, you look like you have a real job. Try pairing them with a top handle bag.

With a Leopard Skirt and Belt Bag

Today we’ll be showing you how to style yourself in a shirt and leopard skirt. I have my hair up to the side. I’m wearing a black belt bag and a white leopard print scarf.


In conclusion, there are a lot of different ways to style a shirt with a print, like adding ties or cufflinks, unique shirts of R2 Amsterdam, or a tie clip or watch. My favorite shirt print is the classic plaid shirt pattern. If you’re looking to create a print for a shirt, here are some design ideas. If you have any questions about how to style a shirt with a print, feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.



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