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How to Know the Right CBD Dose Best for You

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If you’re overwhelmed by the multitude of CBD products available, you aren’t alone. Every method of distributing CBD has its own dose recommendations, which influences how often and the amount you’ll need to take on a regular basis. Add to that confusion the fact that everybody reacts differently to CBD, making it difficult to give everyone the same dosage.

As with all supplements, choosing the right dose depends on the person being given. Your body’s individual response to CBD also needs to be considered when you make your dosage choices. For example, if you’re anxious, but have sensitive teeth, you may find it difficult to chew on a large amount of this supplement because of your sensitivity. Therefore, if you want your anxiety to be calmed, you should probably take something that you can either inhale or swallow whole.  

Since there isn’t a standard amount you need to take, one of the biggest concerns when choosing CBD supplements is getting the proper amount. It’s difficult to say precisely how much of this supplement is needed for each person since everyone’s body reacts differently. However, in general, a well-formulated CBD supplement will contain around 0.3 milligrams of CBD per capsule, which is a very small amount.

Before considering the proper dosages to take, it may be important to determine exactly what CBD is. This is because some people are concerned about where it comes from and what it can do to the body. This article should help alleviate these qualms. 

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is a chemical substance that is found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, otherwise known as cannabis or marijuana. This natural compound is different from its counterpart marijuana because CBD does not contain the active ingredient of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which is considered psychoactive. For this reasoning, cannabidiol does not make you high.

Now that you know what CBD is, it’s vital to learn how to take it properly. 

Determining Factors for Dosage

There are basically four determining factors to help you decide how much CBD to take–body composition and weight, desired effects, previous experience with CBD, and the actual delivery method. 

  • Body Composition And Weight

Your body size is in direct correlation to the dosage of CBD you should take. Just like any other medication, your weight and body frame determine if your dose should be higher or lower. 

For example, a smaller woman under 5 foot with a petite frame will undoubtedly require a lesser dose than a man weighing over 250 pounds that stands 6’4”.  

  • Desired Effect

Everyone has a different reason for using CBD. It could be because one needs healing from skin irritation or maybe to help alleviate anxiety. Some people use CBD to help calm them down from a rough day at work, while others have a medical reason. 

The dosages for each of these issues will change due to its function. For instance, if someone is dealing with a serious ailment, the dosage will be much higher for the CBD to work properly. 

  • Previous Usage 

If you’ve used CBD previously, your body is probably acclimated to how it affects you. Studies have shown that the more CBD you have experienced, the higher the tolerance level your body has, and the bigger the dosage you need to take. 

Thus, it’s important to research what your body tolerance level is so you won’t overdo your specific style or brand of CBD. 

  • Forms

CBD comes in many forms and kinds–tinctures, creams, rubs, gummies, capsules, and vaping. Depending on the style you take, the dosages can vary as well. 

If the CBD is to be ingested, the reaction time may be slower than if the CBD is inhaled. This can greatly affect the amount you take that’s needed for the desired reaction.

The most important thing to remember when you’re figuring out the right amount of CBD for you is to choose a product that’s designed specifically to provide you with the right amount, without causing any unwanted side effects. Research all the information you can regarding which products work the best. Some of these materials don’t include enough CBD in them at all, so the result is minimal at best. 

Too Much CBD

If you choose to take too much CBD in an effort to calm your nerves, for instance, you could cause yourself harm. It’s always best to start with a smaller amount of CBD and monitor the results. Keep a log to determine how much you took and how long it takes to react with your body.

If you do overdose on CBD, the symptoms and severity will depend on the amount you consumed and the quality of CBD. While CBD overdose is rare, the symptoms can range from vomiting, muscle weakness, nausea, heart palpitations, and seizures. It can also cause liver damage and loss of consciousness. 

Also, make sure that you avoid drinking alcohol and using other drugs with CBD as a component. This is because CBD interacts with these substances, making the combination extremely dangerous.

Medical Warning

If you’re thinking about starting a cannabis regiment to help solve with your current ailments, it’s extremely advisable to speak with a licensed professional. Although most common physicians don’t specialize in this field, there are some that do. You can either research their information online or ask your own doctor for any referrals if necessary. 

Furthermore, it’s always important to research and read about the CBD product you’re considering since each one has its own effects and dosages. Generally, there’s no dosage that’s established as lethal, but everyone is different in their genetic make-up and design; what works for one person may not always be beneficial for another.


Although CBD supplements are becoming increasingly popular, they’re still controversial in the minds of many consumers. Many people are concerned that the substance can have adverse effects, especially when taken in large amounts. So, it’s advised that you consult with a medical professional before consuming any product containing CBD.

How do you know whether you’re taking the correct dosage of CBD? The answer comes by researching the actual product, evaluating your method and purpose, determining your body factors, and keeping track of the times you take it. 

Whether you inhale it, swallow it, chew it, or rub it topically, CBD should always be taken in the correct dosage for it to work properly.





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