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CBD: Can It Really Help Out With Sleeping?

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CBD And Its Wonders

Cannabidiol, or just CBD, is a form of cannabis. It is a compound found in hemp and marijuana that has recently gotten more popular, thanks to its properties that can treat many health problems. It is now also used as an active ingredient in skincare products.

There are records that prove humans have been using cannabis for treatments and other uses for quite some time. Dating back to around 1500B.C., the Hindu text Atharvaveda describes how it has the ability to help people. Another Chinese medicinal text that dates back to 1200A.D. mentions the use of cannabis to aid with sleep. More research has been done in today’s modern world, and it does appear that CBD can help you with your sleeping or any sleep disorders.

There is actually a small scientific body of research that supports the use of CBD as a sleeping aid. It has also been reported in a study that it can help people with short-term sleeping problems.

How Does It Help With Sleep?

This can be a hit or a miss – some people may agree that CBD helps them sleep better, while some also mention that it just makes them feel even more tired. Studies indicate that the impact of CBD on sleep is somewhat complicated and is still not widely understood.

Can’t sleep? You might want to think about the other factors why you can’t shut your eyes at night. It may not only be because you aren’t tired enough, but anxiety and pain both have roles as well. It is now proven that CBD can alleviate pain and also has a calming effect on a person. Anxiety and its negative effects on the body are also taken cared of. With both anxiety and pain out of the way, you might get a better shot at a good night’s sleep.

CBD also appears to help with other sleeping disorders – people with Parkinson’s disease tend to thrash out and live their dreams, and this disorder is known as REM behavioral disorder, or RBD. Thanks to CBD, the effect of RBD is lessened among individuals suffering from Parkinson’s, as shown by a study conducted back in 2014.

 How Can I take CBD?

Before you consider using it to help with your sleep, you can try out other more proven means, such as the CBT-I, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. This method focuses on changing habits that may affect or disrupt an individual’s sleep.

But if you are dead-straight sure with CBD, it can be taken in a couple of ways. Probably the most popular, CBD can come in an oil form, and an example of this is the well-known Colorado CBD oil. This can also come in other forms, such as in a capsule, gummies, and even chocolate. It can also come in as an organic CBD salve. Thinking about giving it a shot? Then you must keep in mind these two important things:

CBD should be treated like any other supplemental

This is the first important thing to take note of, and talks with a health professional should be taken if you want to try CBD. Although there are drug-related concerns with CBD, and that it is not entirely without risk, thankfully, it is non-addictive, cannot get you high, and is impossible to overdose on. You can compare CBD with other supplements such as melatonin – which is also great, but CBD has a different effect on the body and brain.     

CBD purchased should have a certificate of analysis

The second thing to consider, a certificate of analysis not only proves that the CBD you buy is of quality, safe, and good to use but also to ensure that the ingredients in the CBD is checked, guaranteeing that what the company says is in the product is actually there.

Can I Take Too Much Of It?

Studies show that this depends on the person and the amount of CBD he or she takes within a given amount of time. Everyone has a different body type, and to some, CBD might even make them feel much energized, which in turn, keeps them awake at night. The way cannabis affects each and every person changes. Because the way you react to cannabis is quite individualized, interpersonal variations are taken into account when cannabis-based therapies are processed. There is also not enough scientific research that suggests that using it regularly can lead to the body’s resistance to it.

We have made it absolutely clear that CBD still requires a lot of research, and caution should be taken by our consumers when using the products. It is not totally clear of any risks and dangers, but the abilities it possesses are well-received and are actually good for one’s body and brain, and sleeping is only one of the many things that you can benefit from using it.








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