How to Instill the Sense of Civic Duty in Your Children

Civic responsibility is not easy to teach to children since they often tend to be preoccupied with the usual distractions. But if you start early and show them that giving back can not only be fun but could also be their true calling, then it could become second nature to them. You do have to start with yourself, however, and introduce civic action into their lives in a way that won’t feel forced. Let’s take a look at how you can instill a sense of civic responsibility in your children.

Teach them About Global Issues

Your children should know about some of the issues happening in this world but try to curate their interaction with world events as much as you can. Instead of letting them watch the news with you, try to find children-friendly content online on important issues. This will introduce them to different world issues without traumatizing them. You will be able to see which issues they seem to be affected by the most and introduce them to more content on the subject. You can then expect them to show more interest in these causes, and you could take the opportunity to show them ways that they could help.

Do Some Volunteer Work Together

Routinely engaging in volunteer work is another great way to show the beauty of giving back to your children. You could work with an organization helping elderly people in your area, for instance, or work with an animal shelter. Anything revolving around nature could also be a good idea. They will see what volunteer organizations do first-hand, and they will see how the people they’re helping are being impacted.

Consider Foster Parenting

Becoming a foster parent is one of the best things you can do for any child in need of a home, and it will also show your children how much of an impact giving back can have. It will sensitize them to the issues children like them are dealing with in this country, and help them have a greater understanding of the world they live in. They might also want to become foster parents later, which could be extremely fulfilling to you as a parent. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of foster parenting and what being a foster parent is really like, check out

Ask Them If They’d Like to Enroll in a Civic Organization

Ask your child how they would feel about joining an organization like the scouts or becoming an army cadet. These organizations put a lot of emphasis on giving back and also teach children important life skills they will carry all of their lives. The scouts in particular are involved in all sorts of charities and will give your children something constructive to spend their time on, so speak with your nearest club and consider visiting it with your child to gauge their enthusiasm.

The sooner you teach your children about the importance of being an asset to their community, the greater the chance that they’ll become one as they get older. Start looking at different ways that you could help with them, and work on being a more responsible human yourself so you can preach by example.


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