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How to Help Your Teen Overcome Feelings of Insecurity

Overcoming feelings of insecurity and developing self-confidence is crucial for succeeding in almost all aspects of life. Although adulthood comes with the challenges of managing a functional life/work balance, teens encounter pressures from education, dating adventures, athletic performances, social media destruction, body image concerns, and fitting into various social groups. Therefore, as a parent, you should ensure that your child grows up to be a resilient, confident, and independent person. The following are some tips you can use to help your teen overcome feelings of insecurity.


Communication Is Key

When a child feels troubled or low, many parents wish to be the first individual the child seeks help from. However, when a person faces a challenge, they usually seek help from the person they communicate with regularly. So, as a parent, do not expect your kid to open up and seek your guidance if you do not regularly communicate with your kid. Communicating with your teen regularly will enhance the communication levels between the two of you, and it will also boost trust and confidence when they seek your guidance.

Visit Medical Professionals for Helpful Advice

Teens also face many challenges in their lives. For instance, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, over 50 million people in the U.S. have acne, approximately 85% being teenagers. So, if you want to help your teen overcome insecure feelings, you should consider seeking help from a professional. Speaking with a doctor and a dermatologist can help your teen grasp the normalness of having acne and other skin issues as a teen. They can also give your teen the tools to deal with it.

You should also consider talking to your teen about attending therapy. Therapists can boost their confidence and influence their choices through counseling. Regardless of why your teen may be struggling with feelings of insecurity, whether it be a mental health condition or life circumstances, a therapist can help them develop mechanisms to deal with their condition.

Encourage Your Teen to Find an Enjoyable Hobby

Engaging in an enjoyable hobby can boost a teen’s self-esteem. For instance, discovering new talents, trying new activities, and challenging themselves can boost their confidence. However, teens are usually afraid of failing, and they always avoid embarrassing themselves. It would help if you encouraged your child to engage in activities such as playing a musical instrument, joining a new club, or participating in volunteer work through their high school. This way, they can make friends with the same hobbies and feel engaged in something at school that doesn’t have to do with schoolwork.

Your teen can also find an enjoyable hobby to do at home in their free time. It is said that 42% of those who spend time gardening at home said they felt healthy and happy. Therefore, your teen may be interested in starting a garden at home or even learning how to sew, make jewelry, or start an online book club. Mastering new skills can help teens feel more secure with themselves.

Practice Gratitude As a Family

Practicing gratitude with your kids helps them shift their focus from insecurities so they can focus on appreciating life. Therefore, you should consider implementing a strategy like making a list of five crucial things that you are thankful for every morning or evening. Consider giving your kids an opportunity to be serious or silly. Do not judge what they write on the list. Your aim should be building a practice of embracing the thankfulness spirit.

Inspire Your Teen to Obtain a Part-Time Job

If you want to help your teen deal with insecurity, you should help them set their goals as you benchmark their progress. A sense of achievement is crucial for creating self-confidence in teens. Setting realistic objectives and working towards achieving them can significantly differ in a child’s outlook and attitude. One way to achieve this is by inspiring your kids to get a part-time job. A job also allows a kid to be an innovative venture in the business world. Notably, 79% of Americans remember a business based on their sign. Your teen may already be interested in working at a particular store or food establishment in your community!

A part-time job can offer a chance for your teen to belong to a certain group, create more friends, and make them feel more secure and confident. Besides, a job opportunity allows a teen to master new skills, earn some income, and boost their confidence.

When teens are confident about themselves, they usually can think outside the box and work towards achieving their objectives. Besides, self-confidence also contributes to their resilience, particularly when they realize that they will overcome complicated challenges in their lives.


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