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How to find the best Coliving for yourself?

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Coliving, i.e. shared housing, has experienced a huge increase in interest in recent years. Not only does the use of this type of housing have many positives, but as the whole industry grows, so do the companies that Coliving offers. This creates a new competitive market, where companies are vying to offer their clients better opportunities and better housing. It can therefore be expected that the Coliving industry will not only continue to grow, but that its quality will also constantly improve.

Already, the Coliving Companies offer high-quality housing and offer its clients services equal to that of an almost ordinary hotel. This is one of the many reasons why people have loved this type of housing and why there has been a huge interest in it in recent years. This market is growing so fast that many times it is difficult to find a vacancy. Investors therefore invest heavily in Coliving companies that buy new real estate so they can expand their offer as quickly as possible.

This boom is caused by the many benefits of Coliving, the most important of which are:

  • Low rental price
  • High quality housing
  • Guaranteed security
  • Flexibility of the lease agreement
  • Possibility of long-term but also short-term rental
  • Living in the better neighborhoods of the city
  • Community of friends and meeting new people
  • Complete apartment equipment
  • And others

All the above advantages attract more and more people to use Coliving. The number of applicants is constantly growing and the list of benefits that the Coliving Company offers is constantly expanding. If you don’t believe it, try to imagine it.


First step

On the Internet, choose the Coliving offer that suits you as much as possible. Coliving companies offer high-quality online tours of their properties. These tours include high-quality photos, video tours, 2D floor plans, detailed descriptions of the property, and also about the location and other information, thanks to which you basically don’t even have to get up from your chair.

When you are choosing the apartment you want to live in, you usually get to choose from several options the one that will suit you best, not only financially but also in terms of lifestyle. For example, you can choose a room that is shared with two or three other people, with your own bed and bedside table. This is, of course, the least costly option.

Or you can pay a little extra and rent your own room with a large bed, desk, dressing room, bathroom and private toilet. This option is also widely used not only by individuals, but also by couples who want to have their own privacy. So you can choose from numerous variations of different rooms. Both the shared and the private ones. It all depends on your financial capabilities.

The only things you will share will be common areas such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, some of the toilets or bathrooms, laundry and the like. But you don’t have to worry about having any issues. Common areas are usually monitored by security cameras, so you can be sure that your safety and the safety of all tenants is guaranteed 24 hours a day.

Second step

Once you have chosen a suitable Coliving, you then simply follow the instructions on the website and go to the pre-booking. There, you will answer a few general questions and wait for a contact from the Coliving Company, which may ask you to provide some information and may also offer you a date for a personal examination, if you are interested. If your booking passes the internal approval of the Coliving Company, which includes a general check of your person from publicly available sources, you can proceed to the actual signing of the contract, which is very flexible and tailored to your desire.

You can choose a short-term rental (for a test) or directly sign a long-term contract, which provides you accommodation in the apartment for the agreed time and then you can extend the contract if you so wish. It should be added here that there is a long waiting list for many Coliving offers, so you should not delay the reservation but instead be ready to act quickly.

Third step

One important step is to confirm the reservation not only from the Coliving, but also from your end. Confirmation of the lease reservation on your part involves signing the lease agreement, paying one month’s rent in advance and in some cases paying a small deposit for any damage you may cause to the apartment. However, these are not horrible amounts, as is the case with regular rentals, where they also want a down deposit of several months in advance.

If the payment is successful, you can pop the champagne. If the question of what to take with you comes to mind, the answer is a pleasant “almost nothing.” Coliving companies have their properties fully furnished and you, as a tenant, basically don’t have to worry about anything but yourself. There is even regular professional cleaning on a weekly basis in Coliving. So if one of your roommates is making a mess, know that a professional cleaner will take care of it, which is a great advantage for all occupants of the property.

Fourth step:

Moving in itself. You only need one or two personal suitcases to move in, inside of which you have personal belongings, you don’t have to take anything else with you. Coliving already includes furniture and all the necessary equipment, so you don’t have to worry about anything and thus save on the fees for movers, who charge a lot of money, especially in New York. After moving in, you will most likely be pleasantly acquainted with your roommates and can immediately devote time to yourself, your work, study, or discovering the neighborhood.

Coliving is basically a very interactive affair and everything is prepared so that you can handle all matters online without the need for frequent inspections and meetings with various agents. It’s really that simple. This is the main reason why the popularity of Coliving is constantly growing and will continue to grow in the future. And not only in New York, but also in the world.

If you are interested in this type of housing, then you can learn more about best co living in New York directly on the website of one of the best quality Coliving companies. Based on this, you can make your own opinion.


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