How to attract hummingbirds in Michigan

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Hummingbirds are fantastic birds and can bring a lot of color and life to your yard. It’s possible that you love the sweet song of hummingbirds but don’t know how to make them stay. Or maybe you want to make hummingbirds a permanent fixture in your home. One way to attract hummingbirds in Michigan and get them to visit your yard is by setting up a hummingbird feeder the right way. In Michigan, hummingbirds are a little bit harder to come across, but by following the below steps exactly, it is possible to get some to your yard. In this article, you will be learning how to set up a hummingbird feeder properly and things you need to know before setting up one. If you do everything right, it is definitely possible to get hummingbirds to your yard in Michigan.

Set your hummingbird feeder in the right location

The location of your birdfeeder greatly affects how the birds visit your yard. You don’t want to put the bird feeder in a place where the birds won’t be able to reach it. You also don’t want to put your birdfeeder in a place where other animals will get there and eat the food. Check your house for the best prime location that your bird feeder can be set up. You can do some test runs and find out where the bird feeders do well.

Make your hummingbird feeder stand out

Imagine setting up a bird feeder, and you can’t get any hummingbird to use it? One mistake you can make is to make the bird feeder hidden. If you want hummingbirds to visit your bird feeder, make sure it is a feeder that is a bright color. Paint your birdfeeders colors like bright red, yellow, etc. that will naturally attract animals. It would help if you also placed your birdfeeder close to bright flowers or against colorful scenery. Just make sure you don’t set it up in a place that they won’t be able to see it.

Set up multiple hummingbird feeders

Instead of setting up one birdfeeder, why not set up multiple? Hummingbirds are territorial animals, and nothing will make them happier to visit than seeing other hummingbirds there. By setting up multiple hummingbird feeders, you are showing them that your yard is a safe haven where they can thrive. Make sure the bird feeders have enough space amongst themselves, so they don’t get in the way of each other. Set multiple birdfeeders up and get ready to have a yard filled with hummingbirds.

Build a shade

The sun can be scorching on some days, and no animal likes heat. Build a shade over your birdfeeders to protect them from the harsh elements of the weather. It would be best if you made your birdfeeder so secure for your birds that they automatically come to your yard to seek shelter. Your shade should also be strong enough to protect them from the rain. If you can’t build a shade for your birdfeeder, you can keep it in a place in your house that has shade.

Setting up a hummingbird feeder the right way can make or break how hummingbirds visit your yard. Before you set up your birdfeeder, you should make sure these conditions are satisfied so that they can live comfortably in your yard. You don’t want to set up the bird feeder in a way that would repel the hummingbirds from visiting. Follow the tips and guides in this article and watch your yard become home to these lovely birds. 



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