How Often Should You Bathe A Puppy?

How often can I bathe my puppy? Accurately answering this question involves considering various factors like age, health, breed, and activity levels

A quick answer to how often should you wash your dog? As a general rule, you can give a dog a bath once a month, but you must brush its fur regularly.

You must bathe your dog if it gets dirty. However, if it is younger than two months old or seriously ill, consider spot cleaning instead.


Spot Cleaning: A Safer Alternative to Bathing

There are risks to giving a puppy a bath—the very young could develop abnormal body temperatures, those with sensitive skin can develop rashes, those with wounds may find baths painful, and those that are ill may not tolerate baths well. 

How often do you give a puppy a bath if bathing is risky? If a vulnerable puppy needs cleaning, you may do the following:

Soak a clean and soft washcloth in warm water. Avoid mixing soap in this water if your puppy does not have much fur, like when it is just newly born. 

Use only the mildest dog shampoos or dog wipes for older puppies with fur. Wring this cloth to remove the extra water.

Dab the towel gently on the dirty areas. Rubbing vigorously could irritate your puppy’s skin. Do not leave water on its skin for more than a few minutes, especially if it is cold.

After removing the dirt, wipe your pup with a dry towel. Wrap it in another dry towel, and carry it to a warm place.

How often should you wash your dog? Consider these factors to determine the right frequency.


When can I give my puppy a bath? It has reached a certain age. Well, puppies of different ages have different bathing requirements:

Less Than Two Months Old

Baths are recommended only for puppies that are at least seven weeks old. You can’t bathe a very young puppy yet because it might develop an abnormal body temperature or skin irritation.

Aside from this, puppies don’t have enough fur to protect their skin just yet. Shampoos with ingredients they have never encountered before may irritate their skin.

Between Two And Six Months Old

You may ideally bathe pPuppies aged between two and six months once per month. Puppies in this age group can already control their body heat, but those younger than three months don’t have a full fur coat, so they’re still vulnerable to harsh soap.

Bathe two-month-old puppies only in lukewarm water. However, you can graduate to dog soap and shampoo when they’re at least three months old.

Older Than Six Months

You can bathe puppies aged six months to one year more often than once a month. Although your dog is typically the least vulnerable at this time, it is still best to use pet-safe products.

Bathe puppies younger than two months as little as possible. They can’t regulate their body temperature yet.



How often can I bathe my puppy? Aside from age, the dog’s breed will also matter when deciding this. 

How often can you give a puppy a bath? Long-haired pups will pick more dirt and grime than short-haired ones and need more frequent baths. They can develop matted and tangled fur if they don’t bathe often enough.

Toy breeds are typically less active and adventurous than high-energy breeds, so they are bound to be cleaner.  

City dogs are often kept inside homes, so they may require fewer baths than country dogs that spend a lot of time exploring the surroundings.

Bathe double-coated dog breeds regularly to prevent tangled and matted fur. Thesee breeds were bred to hunt and retrieve water animals. These dogs will have overactive oil glands that help waterproof their skin and fur. Bathing these dogs too much will affect their waterproofing abilities, which harms their skin and fur.

So how often should you bathe your dog? This largely depends on its behavior and fur.

Fur Type

How often can you give a puppy a bath? It will depend on its fur type.

Hairless:  Hairless dogs are most vulnerable to skin irritation. Bathe a hairless puppy once a week with dog shampoo formulated for dogs with sensitive skin. 

Short coat:  Puppies with short coats are vulnerable to skin allergies and must not be bathed more than once a month unless absolutely necessary. If you want to clean a short-coated puppy without washing it, wipe it with a wipe or wet rag. 

Medium double-layer coat: You can bathe medium-coat dogs every two to four months.

Thick double-layer coat:  Puppies with a double layer and a thick underlayer require more frequent bathing, or once every six weeks. Whether the fur is medium or thick, ideally give double-coated breeds weekly baths during shedding season to help remove dead and loose fur.

Wirehair coat: Wirehair coat breeds are low maintenance and can bathe once per three months.

Curly coat: Curly-haired dogs can bathe once every three to four weeks.

Long, single-layer coats: Regular washing for puppies with long locks is a must. Bathe puppies with long fur every one to two weeks.

Long, thick fur requires more frequent washing. It also protects the dog’s skin from the harsh ingredients in dog soaps.


Health Condition

Wondering how often to give a puppy a bath if it is sick? Avoid giving baths to your puppy if it has the following conditions:

  • Skin infections
  • Open wounds
  • Abnormal lumps

On the other hand, puppies with these conditions may benefit from a bath:

  • Ticks and fleas
  • Bacterial, fungal, or yeast infections
  • Ringworm
  • Mange

To be on the safe side, ask your vet if it’s safe to bathe your ill puppy. To help your puppy recover faster, consider including cabbage in its diet. Why Is Cabbage Good For Dogs? It is a low-calorie, nutritious treat for your dog.

Excessive Self Grooming

Does your dog have the habit of licking itself too much? If yes, consider giving it more baths. Dogs that aren’t groomed well enough or often enough may have irritated skin because of bacteria, dirt, and moisture that get trapped under tangled fur. The puppy may be trying to remove these things by licking itself.

Take note that too much self-grooming, even when the dog is clean, can mean that it is experiencing a health condition. Bring your dog to the vet and tell them that it is grooming itself excessively so they can figure out the problem.

dogIn Summary

How often can I bathe my puppy? It will depend on how ready it is for exposure to water and soap. The older and healthier the puppy is, the safer it will be when you bathe it. 

Remember that you don’t have to give a puppy a full bath all the time. If your puppy isn’t that dirty, or if you have doubts, consider spot-cleaning your puppy instead.


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