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How Having a Digital Presence Benefits Consumers

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Consumers are online more than ever before. During the brunt of the global pandemic, shoppers relied heavily on the web. Months later, these habits continue to stick.

According to The Financial Times, consumers largely ignored in-person Black Friday sales this year and spent $9 billion on the internet instead. Further, in a survey, ‘72% of respondents said they bought something [online] impulsively during the pandemic to help lift their mood.’

These figures demonstrate that consumers are making a record number of online purchases. Consumers are largely online, and that is where they are discovering new and existing businesses. Having a strong online presence is not only beneficial to business owners, however. Here are just a few ways having a strong digital presence benefits your customers, too.


The Web Keeps Customers in the Loop

It is the Information Age, and things are rapidly changing. Just a few years ago, every U.S. household had a landline. Now 51% rely only on cell phone service. That is far from the only change in recent years.

No matter what services or products you sell, chances are your business is affected by this fast-paced change. For example, if you sell clothing items, styles constantly change. If you are selling online marketing services, internet marketing strategies are always shifting and the best ways to help your customers boost their internet traffic will regularly evolve.

No matter what you do, the Internet gives you a platform to engage with your customers and keep them abreast of the latest trends.

It’s Convenient

In the past, an abundance of information was hard to come by. If you wanted more information about a particular service or product, you may have to go to a brick-and-mortar store in person or otherwise jump through hoops to get it. Now, consumers can turn to businesses with a strong online presence to find the information they need right away.

For example, if you need to know more about hiring a night helper for an ailing or aging loved one, that information is one click away. 90% of online searches happen on Google, a search engine just about all of us have access to. If you are looking for help with a loved one and looking for help during nighttime hours, you may already be significantly pressed for time. Businesses with a strong online presence give consumers the luxury of pursuing information whenever and wherever they’d like.

The Internet is Always Open

Similarly, the internet is always open. Brick-and-mortar stores have specific hours and sometimes even close on the weekend. Businesses with quality web pages enable consumers to find out more about their services and make purchases whenever they want to — whether it is 2 p.m. or 10 p.m. This is important for consumers who work, have children, and otherwise have time constraints that prevent them from visiting stores during the day.

As of 2019, 4,083,105,000 people worldwide use the internet. As such, having a strong online presence gives just about all consumers greater opportunity to engage with you and make purchases.

The Internet Gives Them the Chance to Get to Know You

Up until recently, many retailers and businesses have been somewhat of a mystery to their customers. Promotions and signage at physical locations may hint at what businesses are all about, but it is difficult for customers to truly know unless they spend a great deal of time and money there. A strong online presence will help you connect with your customers. Customers can read your blog, follow you on social media, and follow your business through other channels, like YouTube videos or podcasts.

Market your business the right way, and your business’s personality and mission will only help you win over more customers.

It is a well-known fact that having a strong online presence benefits businesses. What you may not realize is that quality web pages benefit consumers, too. Optimize your online presence to keep customers current, engaged, and to make interactions and purchases as convenient as possible.


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