Hottest Dress Trends A Lady Is To Watch Out For During Winter 2016-17

Winter is almost here and podiums from Milan to Paris have already teased us with what an upcoming season of snows will look like.


What Will The World Be Wearing This Winter?

Brace yourselves for winter is coming. A time of cold winds and blistering blizzards has prepared series of surprises for ladies aside Christmas treats. Time has finally come to learn about what will be hot during last month of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

The fashion weeks are finally over and we can freely speak about what’s hot and what’s not. And, while orange is the new black in the US, we will be dealing with fashion on a global scale. Don’t forget to check for nice deals after finishing this post. That site offers some of the best dresses I have ever seen!


Fashion weeks

All of us who have monitored shows in Milan and Paris couldn’t help but notice its 2015 all over again. The looks are overall crazier and somewhat daintier. This appearance was the silver thread piercing though every show that took place in a couple of weeks. Wow, this shared mindset is truly unique to the world of high fashion.

So what’s the outcome? What are the completely “ready-to-wear” trends for the upcoming winter?

Masculine ladies

Masculine was really abused in the shows and is bond to stick for this winter and probably even spring. Lack of specific sexuality or even common traits of feminine clothes has reached the pike. Unisex is the new black: chunky boots, check blazers, sweaters and straight pants are on fire! Browns and grays have ruled the halls of fashion centers. Ralph Lauren and DKNY are the biggest advocates of this trend.

Layers, layers everywhere!

Great looks rarely fuse with comfort or warmth. But who says that a fabulous dress looks worse if there’s something underneath it? It’s finally trendy to wear lots of stuff. Become the ultimate cabbage with a coat over a sweater over a shirt over something else. If your styles do not mix – that’ even better!

The ‘80s are back!

Glamorous ‘80s in their peak are back on the top! Rock and roll in that leather with spikes and high shoulders for the win, ladies. Contrasts of pink and black are exceptionally hot nowadays. Give your tulle layered skirt another go, feel free to abuse transparent tanks and ensure all the accent is centered around your top!

I see the sea of velvet!

Velvet is back in all of its possible variations: dresses, coats, jackets and pants are exceptionally hot right now. Colors to go for are black, brown and purple. Pair your new coat with an ‘80s pantsuit for the win!

A lot of leather

Leather is hot right now; the color matters little as long as it’s a dress we are talking about. Slim, slick, sexy looks are wild enough to tear up the podiums. Natural makeup and haircuts add some tenderness to the equation making a stunning look even better.

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