At Home in Your Own Chateau: Why Stay Over

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Summer is for dream-making. Every person paints an image of summer differently. To some, it is a vestige of peaches kissing their fingertips, the specs of light warming their bed, or their linen skirts billowing against the wind’s whisper.

Even with the different sets of images, many people have undoubtedly imagined spending their summer holiday in a French chateau. The scenario usually includes the tropes associated with France: champagne and croissant for breakfast; beret no matter which season; and a summer love affair. Who could blame them? No one can say no to having champagne and croissants for breakfast with a lover one summer morning.

Summer is the best time to make your travel plans come true. Living in a French chateau with your partner, for an exclusive stay or even for just a night, has become a possibility with these historical structures opening their doors to visitors-locals and foreigners alike.

Whether you are looking for a summer getaway or a venue for your summer event, you can start booking your trip to France and imagine your cinematic scenes worthy of an award from Cannes.

Here are the reasons why you should spend your summer holiday on the picturesque grounds of a French chateau:

  1. The experience is priceless.

Who else can say that in their lifetime, they spent the night in a French chateau, wearing a silk robe, drinking wine by the tall glass window?

Some experiences cannot amount to any euro. This is one of those. Just imagine how the place carries so much history in every detail and corner. You are not only paying to stay in a first-class establishment; you are paying to experience history. While you’re there, get to know the place-who the owners were, and what transpired. Savour the surroundings and experience the services meant for the lord and lady of the manor.

2. The setting makes the activities more memorable.

Sure, you can read a book at home, and the moment is bound to be good. But imagine reading a book by the fireplace, the window on your left frames the vast expanse of the garden outside. A great setting heightens every experience.

Spending your time in a chateau gives you the option to find comfort indoors or explore the outdoors, both of which are satisfying. You can maximize your time in the chateau by doing sports, cultural, gourmet, and art activities which you will not usually do if you’re not on vacation. Try matching the setting with activities like perfume-making, horseback riding, and champagne-tasting for an unforgettable stay.

3. The pictures will surely turn out great.

It’s a no-brainer that your summer photos will look incredible. As expected from a chateau, the architecture and interior design make every part of your temporary home perfect for photos. This makes every chateau an ideal place for events like weddings and anniversaries.

Find a chateau that combines the comfort of modern living into the intricate 19th-century architecture. This will give you the benefits of living in prestige and luxury in the past while retaining the security and cosiness of today’s homes.

Summer is for dream-making while its end is for remembrance. Like the walls of a chateau, let stories fill you as you stand timeless in elegance.



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