Helping your child cope with vision problems.

Experiencing vision problems can be distressing at any age, but for children the symptoms and treatments that accompany any sight issues are likely to be a cause for real concern, for parent and little one alike. While sight problems are rare in children under 18 months old, there are a number of issues to look out for as your child’s development progresses; early diagnosis is the best way to access the right care and best treatment.

A wandering eye, or squint, is one of the most common vision problems to affect children as young as 18 months old, along with uneven focus. While the former can be relatively easily diagnosed, the latter can be more problematic; a younger child may not be aware that there are any issues, or be able to tell you about them. It is essential that sight problems are dealt with as soon as possible, though; as well as being uncomfortable and distressing, these kinds of problems can lead to a permanent loss of vision in the weaker eye, as well as causing issues with concentration and disruption to your child’s education. They may even affect your child’s confidence, so never be afraid to seek an expert’s opinion. Other common eye issues that can affect children include short and long sightedness, infections, or, in rare instances, cataracts. Be vigilant and watch out for changes in your child’s appearance and behavior, and always make sure your child keeps their vision appointments – these may detect problems before any symptoms appear.

Seeking treatment for your child’s vision problems

We are lucky these days, as there are so many more options for treating vision problems than ever before. Once you have received a diagnosis, researched the prognosis, and been advised of the best course of action, you can make an informed decision as a parent. Wherever possible, and depending upon your child’s age, it is always a good idea to ask their opinion on decisions that need to be made. This will help them feel more at ease with their issue and its treatment, as well as help to build their confidence and independence.

Glasses are one of the most common treatments for vision problems, particularly in children that are too young for lenses or surgery. While they were once a source of ridicule and embarrassment, glasses are no longer such a big deal, thanks in part to their increasing prominence in popular culture. It will probably help if your child is able to choose their own glasses. This will help them to feel comfortable with their new accessories, and enable them to pick frames that suit their style. Contact lenses are another frequent choice, particularly for older children who may be worried about glasses or undertake hobbies that make lenses more appropriate. In this instance, accompany your child to their first appointment and be on hand to help them use the lenses, as well as remind them about the correct care procedures.

Laser eye surgery is usually reserved for older teenagers aged 18 years and over, and could be a good option if your child is embarrassed about wearing glasses out and about, is particularly sporty, or likely to require further treatment in the future. Surgery is a good option to prevent further vision problems, and can save you money on glasses and contact lens costs. It is absolutely essential that you discuss such a procedure with your child and their ophthalmic expert before making any final decisions. Laser surgery is a big deal, and specialist doctors will be able to walk you through every aspect of the process and after-care, so that you and your child are comfortable. They can discuss your options, outlining procedures like blade free Lasik in Houston, Texas.

Watching your child suffer with vision problems can be a confusing, worrying, and difficult time. While you may not always have the answers or know what to do for the best, a parent’s job is to reassure their children and seek the best possible care. Your doctor or ophthalmic specialist will always be there to offer a little advice along the way.


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