Have you ever heard about Ayurveda?

India is truly a beautiful place. The kind of Harmony people experience with their surroundings and the presence of God in their daily life is unparalleled. What else? Hm, what about the ancient alternative healing systems?

Alternative ancient medicine Ayurveda. It’s so popular in India and abroad and is considered a national treasure. Ever searched for ayurvedic doctors, who know treatments to harmonize the essential elements within you: the  Air, the Earth, Water, Fire,  Ether? Well, this knowledge is perfectly structured, functional, and now also accessible with


What is Ayurveda?

Think of what energy really is.  Blood full of oxygen flows in your arteries. Energy is that movement movement of nutrients through the digestive system, movement of air in lungs, movement of thoughts. All of that needs balance.


Healing System

Ayurveda can heal, and its effect is beyond specific. The cleaning procedures are based on your physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. So, ayurvedic medicine is more about your health in the long term. 


There are several kinds of ayurvedic treatment, and all of them are very effective for your health. Ayurveda is a natural medicine, mainly affecting your Doshas(Kapha, Vata, Pitta), or  in other words, possible causes of resentment.

Nature Energy

Energy  is essential. Everything that is happening in the system, happening with the assistance of primary energies. For example, Agni is the essence of fire that lives inside of your body. It digests food and transforms it into a Teja.Each doctor from Alveda has perfect knowledge of these functions and can explain them to you.


Ayurveda services are all about balance; the balance of Dosha, the balance of Mahabhuta, the balance of energy. Balancing all of them is not an easy task. While improving those types of energy resources, you will parallelly improve your body, mind, and spirit.

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

When it comes to Dosha, you must first understand what it is. It’s a combination of your physical and mental characteristics. Depending on body type, you will receive different treatment. Let’s briefly describe every Dosha.

  • Vata —  air and space. Thin, energetic, and creative people belong to the Vata dosha. They’re known for their capacity to think beyond the limit, but they’re also prone to be distracted.
  • Pitta fire and water. Pitta people are recognized for their muscular bodies, tremendous athleticism, and ability to lead. They’re driven, ambitious, and goal-oriented.
  • Kapha earth and water. This dosha is connected with being strong, thick-boned, and caring. They’re known for keeping stuff in order and providing assistance to others.

In accordance with your unique Dosha, the Doctor can decide where to direct your life energy and will assign a natural diet. Choose the best course of exercise. Also will help you to pick the best type of meditation and medical herbs. 

How to impact your Dosha

Let’s take for example Pitta dosha. Most digestive disorders are caused by Pitta imbalance.

First and foremost, you will need to analyze and alter your diet. Understand what food is unhealthy FOR YOU. This personalized approach is all ayurvedic cure is about. It’s about you. You have to be very serious about your pita.

The second thing is fighting stress and bad emotions. Disgust, irritation, greed, and anxiety are psychological aspects of this kind of illness. If Pitta is strong, you can handle stress easily, but if its too powerful, you may start being too hot-temepered. Ayurveda doctors regularly encounter those kinds of issues. They will give you exercises and recommendations on what type of life-style, supplements, and meditation is suitable for you.


Such a good talk about  Alveda, but what about prices? Good medicine never comes for free, especially such a rare variety like Ayurveda. There is monthly and yearly subscriptions for Ayurveda online consultation, and also packages for treating specific disorders. 

  • Monthly subscription – $35
  • Yearly subscription – $380

Now you can get your first consultation for just $10. 


Nature energy is all around us. In the water, food and air. Knowledge of how to use it can be crucial for your system. Learning how to breathe right. What to eat and what to drink, what to avoid, and what to bring into your life  – this  is the main way to health with this ancient medicine.

Your body is a giant energy generator. For your system to work properly you need a diet, mind training, and spiritual connection. You can’t get all of that in the hospital at the same time, but with ayurvedic consultation, in Alveda, it can be possible. This is a small price for your better health.




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