Guidelines to Reopening Your Business Post Covid-19

The widespread Covid-19 has affected almost every sector of the economy. Most businesses have closed, changed operations, or lost clients due to the virus. After the long wait, it is time for companies to start reopening. 

Operating after corona, however, comes with multiple conditions. The businesses must look into social distancing and cleanliness provisions more than ever before. That is to say, Coronavirus has changed the business world for good.

Here are some of the guidelines for the businesses looking to resume operations; 

Follow Government Regulations 

So far, the government has played an integral in managing the virus. With the mandate to ensure a sustainable economy, the government has placed multiple stimulus packages to ensure the country runs as normally as possible. One way to keep the economy afloat is by allowing some businesses to operate amid the lockdown. It determines if it’s safe enough for businesses to reopen, even if the virus is still present. 

The government also provides the regulations on interactions and operations for the businesses reopening. The businesses likely to resume faster are the specialized service providers. They must all have certifications and open up in line with the provisions. Others like nightlife recreation facilities might have to wait a little longer.

Business must only rely on information from trustworthy sources. Even though there are several, they should only rely on government entities like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The different states Governors have also put in place various regulations for the reopening businesses. The states provide for social distancing and sanitation protocols.

Managing Employees Health 

Given that employees are at most risk due to interactions with the clients, businesses must ensure they are safe. Most of the companies are controlling the transportation of the staff from home to work. They also have paramedics to test everyone in the workplace throughout the day continually. 

Companies are also reducing the number of employees within the premises. Most encourage employees to only operate from the office when necessary. Otherwise, they should work from home. For companies that cannot facilitate working from home, they provide for multiple shifts with shorter work hours. 

Companies are also encouraging employees to observe cleanliness. They have to wear face masks at all times and wash hands regularly. The employee’s clothing, for those with formal workwear, must be washed and sanitized after every use. Cleaning the clothing ensures they don’t run out, unlike when using the PPEs. 

Companies are also becoming more compassionate in such hard times. They are allowing employees to choose whether they are ready to come back or not. Even though the world is opening up, some people still have reservations about their health. Those who are not prepared to get to work are not penalized. Some companies are also organized for the accommodation of workers within the premises. It ensures they do not expose their families and others. 

The level of cleanliness within the premises must also stay high at all times. Click here to see how companies can filter water to ensure clean water for employees and customers. 

Proper Marketing Strategy  

Now that most of the customers are also getting back from lockdown, companies need the right marketing to help you attract them, as few as they are. The first step towards attracting the clients is by talking to them about the safety measures you have put in place.  By showing the customers your safety plan, you show them that you care. It is the best way to build customer loyalty in this period. Also, consider telling them the changes in your business to accommodate the covid-19 provisions. 

An ideal marketing strategy should also recognize customer struggles. Let the clients know that you understand what they are going through, and you are together in it. Consider providing some “stay at home” offers to cheer up the clients. 

The post-Covid period is also the best time to look for new marketing strategies. The pandemic has shifted several communication channels that you have to shift with. For example, with most people staying at home, internet use has increased. Invest in multiple digital marketing options with more concentration on social media. 

Preparedness for the future 

Covid-19 is not the first crisis ever to hit the business world; neither does it seem to last. For that, businesses must look past the virus to find ways to face any future crisis. What sets apart the companies that thrive even in a crisis from those who fail is preparedness and resilience. 

The companies who have embraced technology before Covid have found the period less daunting. While other companies were spending time and money to look for technology solutions, the able ones were operating as usual. Amazon, having leveraged technology earlier, were able to onboard 1,700 new employees on a single day. It is one of the companies that has gained exceptionally over the period, with most consumers opting for online shopping. 

Going forward, companies must look for future trends and embrace them early enough. Some of the most likely new patterns would be flexible working. Companies will allow more employees to work remotely.  It only requires the company and the employee to create trust. 

The businesses for the future will also concentrate more on value addition. With the Covid-19 exposing companies to fewer resources and funding, only the one with the best quality will prosper. 

Bottom Line 

The effects of the Coronavirus on the economy has been devastating. It has seen most people operating from home while others downsizing. However, it is not the end of the world. Businesses are braving the virus to operate. 

For a successful reopening, the business must adhere to government regulations. They also have to ensure the utmost cleanliness within the premises and the safety of the workers. The companies must also transform their marketing to match the current demands. They must be ready to embrace innovation and stay prepared for any future pandemic in the long run. 


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