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A Guide to Common Services Provided by a Cosmetic Dentist

It is a common and inherent desire of men and women to appear appealing and attractive to the world. People take ample care of their appearance and are sometimes even ready to invest a good amount of money to get a perfectly crafted look.

However, people tend to ignore the importance of dental health and the appearance of their teeth. Unless they possess healthy and perfect teeth, people don’t look as good as they want to.

Just as you take care of your skin, complexion, and hair, you need to pay good attention to the appearance of your teeth as well. This area is one is which you can benefit from the services of a cosmetic dentist.

In simple terms, cosmetic dentistry is a professional process for dental care that aims to bring improvements to the appearance of one’s teeth, mouth, and smile. While cosmetic dentistry is majorly made up of secondary processes rather than the essential ones, in some instances, such treatments can completely restore the oral and dental appearance.

Here are the most common services that can be expected from a cosmetic dentist.

The Most Common Services Available at Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics

Inlays and Onlays

According to New York Total Dental, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, inlays and onlays are the most fundamental and the most popular. Also called indirect fillings, this process aims to repair mild to moderate tooth decay. The cosmetic dentist can opt for this process even if there is little tooth structure left to act as a support structure for the fillings.

If no damage has been caused to the cusp of the teeth, the cosmetic dentist will directly place the inlay onto the surface of the teeth. However, if the cusps have been damaged to a significant extent, the onlay process better suits the restoration needs. The dental onlay covers the tooth surface completely.

The construction of dental inlays and onlays involves the use of resin materials. The cosmetic dentist will use some adhesive cement to attach these structures to the teeth.

In addition to preventing the further decay of the teeth or damaging the tooth cusps further, inlays and onlays also restore the original shape of the teeth.

Composite Bonding

This process deals with the repair and restoration of damaged, decayed, and discolored teeth. The process involves the placement of dental composites on the surface of the teeth. Then the cosmetic dentist sculpts the composites to restore the original shape of the teeth, in addition to treating the issues with a high-intensity light.

This process is very effective because it offers a root-cause solution to tooth issues. Composite bonding also creates the impression of healthier teeth.

In terms of cosmetic dentistry services, composite bonding is one of the most inexpensive processes. This restoration method aims to benefit patients with decaying teeth or individuals having issues such as worn-out edges or cracked or chipped teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Nothing looks as bad as strains and marks on your teeth. If you are a chain smoker, consume tobacco-based products, or have liver problems, strains and marks will appear on your teeth, majorly damaging their appearance. To help you in overcoming this issue, the cosmetic dentist will advise you to undergo this treatment.

This process eliminates debris and strains from the teeth, and the cost is towards the lower end of the scale.

Dental Veneers

With dental veneers, medical-grade ceramic structures act as natural-looking replacements for problem teeth. Issues damaged tooth enamel, cracks, and crooked teeth can be wonderfully addressed with veneers.

Cosmetic dentists affix ceramic structures to the front of the damaged teeth with dental adhesives. Dental veneers are a customized service, tailor-made to suit your needs.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace lost teeth. Inserting tiny titanium screws, the cosmetic dentist inserts the implant into the jaw to support the crown. These structures appear so realistic that it is almost impossible to separate them from the natural teeth surrounding them.

Although the process is safe, your cosmetic dentist will advise you to adopt high hygiene standards to reduce the chances of complications after the implants are installed. Never allow plaque or debris to accumulate around the implants.

Wrapping Up

In addition to the services stated above, your cosmetic dentist can offer various personalized services to meet your needs. However, be sure to visit an experienced and expert cosmetic dentist for your cosmetic dentistry procedures.



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