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Green Technology: The Basics You Need to Know

With the growing awareness of climate change, a lot of people are trying to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One way of doing so is through green energy.

Green energy may be a young industry, but several businesses are showing much interest in it. Grist says that lawmakers from California to Illinois are now rejecting fossil fuel-generated power while endorsing greener options. This is in response to the growing fears of climate change and its overall effects on the environment. It’s also their way to help resolve the increasing scarcity of natural resources.

The growing problem of using traditional energy resources   

You duly pay your utility bills and buy gasoline every month. But aside from its monetary costs, the energy that you get from natural gas, oil, and coal is taking a toll on the environment.   UCS USA says that the hidden costs of fossil fuels aren’t in the market price. The mere extraction of these resources can generate water and air pollution. Even worse, this process can harm communities within the area as well.

Meanwhile, transporting fuels from one location to another causes air pollution. Once the fuel gets burned, it produces toxins into the air. These toxins can be harming the ozone layer. It all adds up to the already alarming emissions levels that are the main cause of global warming.

Understanding the implications of extracting fossil fuels is crucial to understand the exact costs of using them. These fuel sources also play a significant role in the choices that people must make about the future of energy production.

 Introduction to green technology 

Green technology refers to applied science that is considered to be safe to the environment based on how it produces energy. It also refers to the means of producing energy that generates less harm to the environment. Investopedia says that green tech surged in popularity back in 2010. This was when individual companies began to look for ways to help reduce the adverse effects of energy production. Buying green energy such as solar panels in Idaho can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by using electricity from traditional coal and oil-powered power plants.

Experts say that at least 16,000 pounds of carbon dioxide get released into the air. These come from an average household in the country alone to support their electricity consumption. Meanwhile, coal releases at least one to four pounds of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour. This releases at least 100 different air pollutants into the air. Exposure to these harmful substances can lead to various diseases, including chronic diseases such as asthma and cancer. It can even lead to congenital disabilities and even premature death.

Meanwhile, wind power does not emit any air pollution at all. Companies such as SolarCity and Tesla Motors are also installing green technologies. Green technology is slowly making its way into the mainstream. As more and more homeowners become aware of what they can do, more will show their support for a greener energy market.



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