What Are Some Good Furniture Ideas for a Teen’s Room?

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Teenagers see their room as a means of escape from the chaos of the outer world and the world of grown-up rules. As an adult, when the time comes for you to decorate your teen’s room, you’ve got to deduct some years from age and see their room from their mentality; their perspective. How would they like it? What are the must-be-presents and the never-to-be included items? What furniture would fit their cheerful nature?


First things first…

In any project, your first objective should be to set a goal; the aim of the project. When designing a teen room, your aim should be customizing their personal space; while keeping it simple. In as much as teenagers do not want a boring room that looks like a forty-year old’s own, they also wouldn’t wish for something as elaborate as a child’s room. So, in whatever you do, always maintain the balance.

Irrespective of the amount of decoration you wish to engage to get your kid saying OMG, it is impossible to leave out the furniture decorations. Most likely, your whole project revolves around choosing the right furniture and placing them at specific spots. As easy as this might sound, the absence of the right information could lead to several mistakes. That being said, check out these tips:

Start with the bed

Teenage years launch teens into puberty stages. The guys would get taller, while the girls would get fatter. Since sleep is important for them to successfully pass through these developmental stages, their bed should be your priority. Guys and girls that are destined for height might require a longer twin bed and larger bed to contain them for the next few years. Leesa and Nectar base models are very similar mattresses that could also be of help.

Again suddenly, in cases of a shared bedroom, teens might find bunk beds not large enough or childish. So, most likely they would present a complaint. In that case, you could go for twin mattresses on frames along the wall. This way, you would end up creating enough space for other furniture such as the couch.

Move on to the clothes arena

Most teens are usually unsettled, unorganized and restless during their teenage years. Without the right furniture for your teen’s clothes, you might end up with clothes all over the room. Teens would rather fold anything ranging from a loose jogger to an oversized shirt. For some, a portable chrome cloth rack with a lining for placing their shoes would be enough. However, girls would most likely prefer an elegant and classy wardrobe.

Do not forget the work station

Every teen has their own special interest and likes, and that’s why they need a work station. A work station caters to their enthusiastic need by helping them focus on the teens they love and are curious about. Go beyond a chair and table to create a workspace that honors their individual style and interests.

Your first point of call should be getting them involved in the process of designing. Do not be the one to choose the colors and patterns or the furniture- let them do it.  However, there’s one thing you can single-handedly handle: whatever form of light you choose to use- white lights, table lamps, lanterns or an overhead chandelier- ensure that the light distills into the table.

Final Words

In an attempt to make your teen’s bedrooms not-too-formal, create a bedroom lounge arena for your teen. It should be separate from the bed area. Lay a rug down and add some oversized pillows or simply resort to a simple high-pile rug to help them relax after school hours with friends.      



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  • when the time comes for you to decorate your teen’s room, you’ve got to deduct some years from age and see their room from their mentality; their perspective


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