GlassesUSA……Here I come!

Well it’s official my age has caught up with my eyes. I’ve scheduled an eye exam for next week since I’ve  been noticing that I’m cringing to see my TV. It’s true that once we start getting a little older our eyesight changes and of course we need to find the right pair of glasses . I have never worn glasses before the only one in my family who did was my daughter. I was on-line viewing a few eyeglass companies and saw found this cute pair above called Freedom with a reasonable price tag of $78. The Freedom semi-rimless light brown eyeglasses speak business while the bold arms set you apart from the pack.

I even noticed that they carry “Multifocals, Bifocals,  Progressive Lenses”  these are just right for people who don’t like to switch from reading glasses to distance vision eyeglasses. It’s easier on the pocket to you won’t have to purchase two different types of glasses. Glasses USA has the all-in-one solution glasses that’s guaranteed to many anyone happy.

Glasses USA even had a great Father’s Day deal it was a buy one get one free deal. So if DAD needs a new pair all he needs to do is visit Glasses USA, I’m sure he will find a pair of cheap glasses that will give him that professional look. If he needs to see how he would look in any pair of  their eyeglasses that’s not a problem either all he has to do is upload a photo to their site and a virtual mirror will allow him to see himself!

Just browse the site for “Mens Progressive Lenses“, “Womens Progressive Lenses” or “Prescription Glasses” I’m sure you will find a pair that  would meet your eye needs.

Shop today and get 15% off  + get FREE US Shipping on your entire order (over $50) with the code FS15


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