Getting Out There:  Why Traveling Abroad is the Best Option for Your Next Vacation

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For some people, a quick trip across town is a good vacation option. But to be truly refreshed and recharged, a foreign destination is usually a better idea, because a longer trip means a longer break from the everyday world.

Moreover, there are lots of different options. Some prefer a destination that’s much like home, because it reminds them that people are basically the same no matter where you go. Others yearn for a truly foreign destination and the chance to immerse themselves in a different culture, if only for a few days. There are also destinations which offer a bit of both.

Close and Familiar

In many ways a trip to Canada or Mexico hardly qualifies as a foreign vacation, especially if you live in the extreme north or extreme south of the country. Yet for many families, these destinations are great places to start.

Canada is fairly evenly divided between the urban east, the rural west, and the sparsely-populated north. The north is for intrepid outdoors people, but the west and east are great for families with young children. If you have the time, combine both with a cross-country train trip that’s incredibly scenic and relaxing.

Mexico has some very nice beach resorts that are very modestly priced, making the country ideal for those who have a great yearning to experience another culture but not a great deal of money to spend on such an excursion. There are also a number of small towns and villages where people live lives that haven’t changed much over the past hundred years or so.

Far and Different

For something completely different in a place that’s also completely different, try Southeast Asia. Thailand and Singapore are home to some of the most bustling cities on the continent, there are ancient pyramids in many parts of the region, and Vietnam offers that rare combination of timeless beauty and modern conveniences.

South America is also about as far from home as you can get, both geographically and culturally. There are many places to see, like the famed Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, the sweeping Iguazu Falls in Argentina, and the ancient Machu Picchu in Peru.

Far and Familiar

In many ways, South Africa offers the best of both worlds. It is very far away and not on very many bucket lists, so there are not many tourists to contend with. Furthermore, its mixture of African and European culture makes it a very unique place. At the same time, most people speak English and there is something familiar about most of the country.

A good hotel is a must when far from home. So if the wanderlust takes you to South Africa, try the Protea Hotel Kruger Gate. The separate cabins are in a forest setting, allowing you to get back to nature. At the same time, the cabins are quite comfortable with lots of amenities, so there is something for everyone.


Start planning your South African holiday today, and find out yourself what it feels like to be so far away yet also so close.


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