Get Things Right Now: Ban These 5 Causes Of Cancer From Your Home.

With only about 5% of cancer cases are hereditary, this means that most cancers are caused by a damage to one’s genes occurring during a lifetime. While the diagnosis is a life-changing sword of Damocles that can be dealt with a variety of therapies and treatments, more often than not, cancer can be avoided with careful behavior and strong information. Five of the most common sources of trouble are hiding in your house, and you can get rid of them now.


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Eat Yourself Healthy

Food containing additives, dyes, colorings, flavorings, stabilizers, artificial fats, artificial sugars, and preservatives are rich in toxins that are strongly correlated to the harmful genetic mutations. In short, this means that the more you avoid processed foods, the healthier you will be. Not only these are linked to obesity cases over the country, but the consumption of processed foods and specifically red meat can significantly increase the risk of colon cancer. While you don’t need to become a vegetarian, increasing the quantity of greens and organic vegetables in your diet is known to have a beneficial effect in the battle against the big C.

Avoid Chemical Detergents And Other Household Products

There are plenty of dangerous toxins and chemicals hiding in plain sights on your cleaning shelves, whether in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink, or even in the laundry. Some detergents, paint and lack removers and furniture wax products can even release chemicals as dangerous as benzene, which is a known cause of leukemia whether you are affected by the touch of the skin or inhalation. If you are already involved in similar situations, visit Madeksho law for help with your benzene case and check all the labels carefully.

Drink Safely

You use water to drink, wash your kitchen utensils, cook, and wash. Consequently, it is essential that you monitor the quality of the tap water closely in your house. The most common elements found in the water are chlorine, heavy metals and contaminants. Therefore it is important to test your water regularly before consumption. Especially when you think that chlorine is used to kill all bacteria in the water, it probably isn’t too safe to pass it directly through your body!

Lead A Plastic-Free Life

Food and drinks sold in plastic containers expose your body to high levels of phthalates that can damage hormonal receptors and chemistry in the brain and your organs. Phthalates toxins are specifically linked to lung,  prostate and thyroid cancers. The easiest way to avoid plastic-wrapped elements is to buy fresh food, such as vegetables, fruits and fresh meat and fish from your local shops. Organically grown and produced foods are naturally healthier for your body and easier to process for your stomach.

Say No To Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a standard degreaser that is used in most shampoos, shower gels, soaps, and toothpastes. The compound has been observed to irritate the skin but it can also enter the heart, liver, brain and lungs simply from skin contact and can then cause lasting damages. Here again, it becomes indispensable to study the labels of your favorites products carefully. You will easily find organic toiletry products online and in specialist shops, which are beneficial for your body and for the environment too.


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