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When we think about home improvement, we tend to consider the interesting and exciting options. For instance, buying new furniture for the lounge that you’re in the middle of decorating. Or perhaps, repainting a room in your home the color that you always wanted. Maybe you’re excited about the new tech that you’ve found for your home, on the market. That’s all great, but we often forget about the more important improvement issues like maintenance. Home maintenance is an issue many people forget about, but it shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. If you don’t maintain your home, you’re going to find yourself with several serious issues down the road. On this post, I’ll look at these home troubles and how to prevent them.

Storm Damage


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You may think that as long as your home isn’t hit by a hurricane it will survive but don’t count on it. A hurricane will blow your roof off its hinges. Other spots of bad weather will nibble at the foundations of your home until it has fallen into a state of disrepair. You may not think those bad winds a couple of weeks ago were enough to damage your roof. But if you take a trip up to your attic you might be surprised to find natural light seeping in through a hole. Or, how about the heavy rain that fell last winter. Due to high soil density, the water built up around your home, and you had to wait for it to drain away. Again, perhaps you think that was harmless, but I would be amazed if it hadn’t caused structural damage. So, what are the steps you can take to prevent this type of damage?

After a storm, you should always get your roof inspected by a professional. You need to make sure that you don’t need a roof repair. You’d be amazed how many homeowners roofs are damaged without them ever realizing it.

You should also consider laying down a permeable solution underneath your yard. This will stop water building up around your house and prevent any further issues with flooding. It will also allow you to avoid the risk of dampness in the home. If dampness is left alone, it can cause mold or even an infestation of insects.




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Another issue you should think about when considering home maintenance is insulation. If your home is constantly chilly during the winter months, you probably have a problem with insulation. You should think about fixing it by updating your windows. By getting double or triple glazing windows, you can keep the warm air in your home for a lot longer. This type of repair to your home is expensive, and it might cut into your decorating budget. But it is worth considering if you want to make sure that your home is warm for your family. Don’t forget though that when you upgrade your windows, it stops cold air escaping. This can lead to the buildup of condensation. Condensation isn’t something you need to worry about unless you start to get mold. At that point consider getting a dehumidifier.


These are two issues you should consider when maintaining your home. There are many more, so don’t always jump to the most exciting forms of home improvement. Your house might need your attention in other places.






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