“Gen Z is keeping things casual and embracing ‘friends with benefits.’” Says Fwbdr, one popular FWB dating and NSA casual hook up app

Do friends with benefits work? The founder of a FWB dating app, FWBDR certainly seems to think so. Elon Stern, the Co-founder of Fwbdr, says that they have seen a surge in user registrations in recent days with many people seeking safe and consensual casual relationships in favor of more committed ones.

“Historically people have always tended to see ‘friends with benefits’ relationships as complicated or potentially hurtful for one or both parties, but the reality is that many people have enjoyable and mutually beneficial relationships like this that provide multiple benefits – not just the sexual element.” says Stern, “They can provide a release from the pressures of modern life, friendship and support without the pressure of commitment and a safe space to enjoy sex without having to worry about a long-term end-goal.”

While some people accidentally find themselves in an FWB situation, the beauty of apps like FWBDR is that everyone is honest about what they are looking for. Now, connecting with like-minded people who are looking for casual dating, affair dating, one night stands or no-strings attached hookups, is simply a swipe away.

Research suggests these types of relationships are on the rise due to a combination of factors. Certainly young people marrying later and the fast pace of modern life play a role. And technology has had an enormous impact – simultaneously driving disconnection that prohibits long-term relationships and fueling the growth of digital apps like FWBDR.

The fact is that our society has seen major shifts in the last 10 years. The new generation of young adults is more sexually liberated than ever before and ditching labels on everything from their clothing to their gender. It makes sense that they would embrace more casual sexual arrangements and enjoy the benefits they provide.

While some people say they love the freedom of having a range of sexual partners without having to feel tied down to anyone, others love the comfort of having someone to ‘Netflix and chill’ with on a Sunday night without worrying about whether there will be mixed signals. Many say they love being able to hone their skills in the bedroom with someone they don’t need to impress or try out things they may be curious about with someone who is open to experimenting. Those in long-term FWB relationships sometimes say they have the best sex of their lives with people they care deeply about but have no romantic spark with. They end up sharing dating advice and swapping clothes and sex stories and are quite happy to do it all in their oldest sweatpants.

With apps like FWBDR, there’s something for everyone at the all-night (and day) sexual buffet, whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, seeking out a partner for a threesome or simply looking for someone to get your ex out of your system.

Maybe it’s time for the world to ditch its dated thinking about casual dating and realize that today’s generation of young adults may be up to the task of enjoying honest, consensual friends with benefits relationships and experiences without being emotionally bruised in the process.





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