The Fun of Getting Outdoors And Playing Sports

Just remember what it feels like when you were eight and you can’t wait to get out the door. Wouldn’t you like to feel that alive again? The truth of the matter is you can—if you choose to. And here’s why it’s so much fun to be out playing, getting physically engaged, and feeling young again. Diamondback bikes can make life fun again. Riding a bike can bring life and joy back to you. It’s something you can do by yourself or with a friend.

Get Out There And Play A Sport

There’s nothing like playing in an organized game with friends. You’ve watched others play sports on TV and on the bleachers. It’s the closest you’ve been to playing the sport—basketball with the NBA, football with the NFL, or the Women’s World Cup.

You can feel the thrill of the game, the sweat dribbling on the player’s face and the jubilation of a shot. It’s the closest thing to experiencing it yourself. But, you’re really missing something when you don’t go out there and play the game yourself. You’re missing the whole experience of being the player, actually running with a ball, playing together with friends on a sport you all love. You’re missing what will raise the quality of your life. Let me tell you what you’re missing.

Benefits Of Physical Leisurely Work That’s Not Your Job

When you go out and play a sport with friends, your mind starts to want to get better at it. For many, it may lead to a frustrating realization that they’ll never be good enough. I get that. But you’ll have to realize something. Playing a sport is not about being good enough. It’s not about showing off or being in. Playing a sport is about two things: bringing out the best in you and bringing out the best in others. And it does that in the most concrete physical way you can feel and see.

Pick a sport. Golf. Basketball. Soccer. Even an individual sport like running, judo, or swimming. A sport doesn’t have to be competitive over others. Sports is about winning over yourself when you compete to be better than you were yesterday. And when you share that experience with others, it makes it all the more meaningful and fulfilling.

You need something like this outside of your work, outside of your studies, your job, and your business. You need to get into a sport where you can work hard on being a better you as you get better in your skills. It’s when you’re working on curving the ball enough to slip it at the upper corners of the goal. It’s when you’re working on lasting through an hour of a basketball game. It’s when you push yourself to add one more mile to your run.

That’s how we can actually feel success when we overcome our own limitations through practice and hard work on some skill or awareness that we begin to raise our confidence, have a refreshing new perspective and feel more empowered.

That’s when you feel alive.

Physical and Physiological Changes From Playing

And what you do on the basketball court, on the fairways, on the bike track, on a football field, on a hockey ring with friends, translate to a stronger mind because of a more integral brain. You’ll never know. You might just end up working in sports too. Go ahead and emulate the players in the world cup. Go ahead and get a bike and look for a bike trail in your neighborhood. Go ahead and engage in a sport on your own or with your friends.

When you exert muscular effort repeatedly towards refining your movements to be more efficient on a sport or to just run longer or move with less effort, you’re not just honing your body. You’re honing your mind.

Medically speaking, every activity you exert builds your neural connection on your brain. It’s what a novel discovery on the brain calls neuroplasticity—the ability of your brain to shape itself no matter your age whatever the activity.

One thing I know you’ll feel—like a real winner.



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