Four Ways to Prep Your Pool before Summer Starts

Now that the spring season is in the air, the sun is just around the corner to warm up our skins, and if you are a pool owner, it is time to remove the pool covers and get it ready for the next season. Once the covers are off your pool will not look all that pleasant to be enjoyed under the sun, read on and find out the four simple ways you could prep your pool before the summer feels get started.


Simple steps to get your pool summer-ready

  1. Get to some spring cleaning

As the summer season starts creeping in cleaning tends to be a lot of hard work. You will need to clean the roller shutter if you have one, remove the leaves and large particles; we don’t want this clogging your filter. Don’t forget hosing down the roller. Remember we said it’s a lot of work, you will also need to clean the waterline, not the most exciting part of cleaning but remember you want a clean swimming bath to relax in once the sun is out.

    2. Add in the chemicals and water.

Once you have cleaned out the particles the next step is adding water that can fill the entire pool, no need to empty the previous water, it is okay to mix the old and the new, since you will be adding in some chemicals to get it nice and clean. This is the time to turn on the pool equipment plus your filter pump and let this run for the next 24 hours. 

    3. Try and balance out the levels.

After your pool system has been running for the past 24 or 48 hours, it’s time to do some testing. The ph. levels need to be well balanced. To ensure you have a safe swimming experience ensure you use a chemical test kit to verify the levels are within the perfect range.

    4. Do a little monitoring of your pool?

Now your swimming baths is properly cleaned out and treated the next step is doing a little monitoring. For the next few days, you will need to monitor the water filter and water colour. Remember, cleaning is a continual process; therefore, you need to regularly clean out debris and leaves that fall into your pool. This will prevent your filter from getting clogged up, thus a continuous flow of clean water in your pool.

Final thoughts

Keeping your swimming bath clean during summer is a continual process; thus, the importance of having a good start in preparing your pool before summer starts. And just before your friends come over for a dip in your pool ensure to scrub and vacuum to have it in tip-top shape. To keep your pool warm you could look into a solar cover, as it will also keep it free of leaves and debris.  


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