Food Gives Us Amazing Feelings

Food may well be a source of positivity. The main thing is to choose the right products both in composition and in appearance. Yes, and the aroma of foods and dishes is important to cheer up. So next time you are tired after a tough game at CasinoChan, take some sweets and hot tea and have some rest. 

How Food Color Affects Mood

 Is it true that the color of food can affect our emotional health? Psychologists claim that these processes are interconnected. So, for a positive mood, your menu should regularly include products in three shades: red, orange, and yellow.

Red color gives us courage, increases efficiency, and helps relieve fatigue. Before an important work meeting, boldly make a salad of bell peppers and tomatoes, and eat strawberries on a working afternoon. Red vegetables and fruits contain the natural pigments lycopene and anthocyanins, which are responsible for the vibrant color. Lycopene helps fight signs of aging and also protects against certain types of cancer. Anthocyanins are considered natural antioxidants that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. But those who are easily irritated, as well as hyperactive children, eat red foods less often.

Orange products are the best friends of creative people. The keratin they contain improves not only vision but also thought processes. It is believed that all shades of orange are useful for people suffering from depression and fear. The high content of vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system, and pectin normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Orange foods are perfect for starting the day, as they are energizing and invigorating. It is no coincidence that freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast is considered a classic.

Yellow is a symbol of wisdom and peace. Nutritionists note that people who include foods of this color in their diet are less likely to suffer from nervous disorders and live longer. In addition, yellow foods are rich in retinol, which is good for skin and hair. They also boast an antipyretic effect. If you feel like you need more harmony in your life, stock up on yellow peppers, pineapples, or corn. But purple foods, such as eggplant, for people who are often sad, it is better to temporarily refuse: they can aggravate the condition.

Delicious Antidepressants

But not only the color of the product makes it an antidepressant. The composition also plays an important role. The list of “mood” foods usually tops chocolate. It is rich in magnesium, which is necessary for the production of endorphins. And it also has a lot of carbohydrates, so the brain quickly receives a portion of energy, allowing a person to cheer up. But only dark chocolate is useful. The content of cocoa beans in it should be at least 78%. Enhancing the effect of chocolate will help cheese, which several times increases the sensitivity to endorphins. Scientists believe that the combination of these two products can even positively affect the condition of people suffering from depression. Well, for those who are just a little depressed, such a grocery set will quickly cheer you up.

 Another powerful antidepressant is seaweed. It contains a lot of iodine, calcium, and iron, so this product is advised to be eaten more often by people with increased fatigue. Nuts are good for stimulating brain activity: they also cheer you up and relieve stress. The main thing is to know the measure: this is a very high-calorie product.

Other edible sources of positivity include foods high in omega-3s. The researchers note that residents of countries where it is customary to eat fish regularly, such as Japan and Finland, have significantly lower levels of depression. Nutritionists advise eating at least two fish dishes a week: this will help cheer you up. Those who do not like fish can be advised to include flaxseed oil in their diet and another reliable source of Omega-3. They can be seasoned with salads or added to cereals.


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