Five Gift Ideas For Dad That Show Thought.

Sometimes buying a gift for dad on behalf of your children is tricky. Whether it is Father’s Day, Birthdays or Christmas there is always an occasion to consider. Men are hard to buy for as it is without the added pressure of getting your children involved. But, of course, they want to show their dad they care. If they are at an age where they can’t go to the shops themselves, then it is down to you to help them out. Which is why I thought it would be a great idea to share with you five gift ideas that are perfect for dad from their kids. I hope it inspires you.

A subscription service

Men don’t tend to buy the things they need as often as they should. Give them a new piece of tech that has just come out and they are first in line. However things like razors and magazines, for example, will probably be brushed to one side. This is where you are supplied with an ideal gift solution. You could consider a subscription service for something they need. Razors are typically bought in the weekly shop. So how great would it be for you to have them delivered to your door by a company like bearded colonel to take the pressure off? Equally the same could be said for your partner’s magazines that they like to read. If it comes directly to your door then it’s a great solution.



A handmade gift

There is nothing quite like receiving a gift that has been handmade. Especially if it is the children that have worked so hard on it. This could be anything from pictures and cards, to something a little more crafty. If you are not particularly crafty yourself and you are stuck for inspiration, websites like Pinterest could help you out. It’s the Kirstie Allsopp effect, and it has been reported that up to a third of parents will now receive homemade gifts, and even better we love it. So get crafting!

Something for work

While nothing is particular traditional anymore. With many fathers opting to stay at home while the females take the lead in the workplace. There are still many dads that head out to work each day. So why not get them something for it? It could be anything from a personalized pen they can use in their meetings, or a new tie if that’s what they wear. Once you have a subject to work with it the ideas can just come from that. Think about what they do and what they use each day and take it from there.



Their favorite sweet treat

There is no hiding from the fact that many dads love a sweet a treat. However, children tend to take precedence when it comes to treats. So this could be the perfect gift idea for your children. Why not get them their favorite chocolate or sweets? Even opting for the good biscuits. I am sure it will be appreciated.

A hamper filled with his favorite things

Finally, if you are thinking about their favorite sweet treat then why stop there? You could create a whole hamper of goodies filled with treats. Anything from personalized mugs to including a DVD the whole family can enjoy. These type of gifts show thought, effort and time and are well received.


I hope this inspires you the next time you need to buy on behalf of your children.


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