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Five Facts You Never Knew About CBD and Weight Loss

CBD or cannabidiol is becoming increasingly popular and is also conquering online stores in some countries that have adapted to the needs of pharmacists. The active substance itself can be consumed in all possible forms of purchase, as one prefers. Of course, you have to deal with it first. For everyday consumers of CBD, the risk of testing positive for a drug is something they cannot afford. Given the relationship between CBD and cannabis, it is not surprising that many of its advocates are concerned about the consequences. However, with good quality CBD oil, it is possible to pass a drug analysis.

The consumption of CBD is increasingly common among a large sector of the population. After getting rid of the undeserved, though unfortunately dominant, stigma associated with cannabis, CBD is currently considered a therapeutic and natural substance, which offers advantages for a range of ailments.

For those who want to take advantage of the properties of CBD, the risk of testing positive for a drug is a common concern, especially considering the close relationship between THC and CBD. In some jobs, this test is mandatory, and more and more companies are implementing random drug controls as a standard procedure; so for many it is not worth risking the possibility of losing their job, which is understandable.

Regardless of the method used for drug testing, they all have one thing in common; they try to identify if there are THC metabolites in the body. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main compound of cannabis, which produces psychoactive side effects. Currently, different types of drug analysis do not seek CBD, since it is not psychoactive and does not affect functioning. Consequently, consumers should be safe. But there are certain facts you need to know:

  1. Not detected in drug tests

On its own, the CBD will not appear in a drug analysis. However, it is important to consider the THC threshold, since some products contain both cannabinoids. In the USA, the toxicological analysis of urine, the most common way to detect cannabis use, must comply with SAMHSA guidelines (Substance Abuse Services and Mental Health). The limit from which a positive drug result is obtained is 50ng / ml. Then, those who test positive are subject to a GC / MS test (gas chromatography / mass spectrometry), where the limit is much lower, 15ng / ml. Fortunately, blood tests only look for specific metabolites of THC.

2. Not legal in some places

CBD oil is legal in some places, but not in all. And some places have only legalized certain types, under certain conditions. How does this affect taking a flight with CBD oil? After all, it is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety, including the fear of flying. Find out if you can take CBD oil in a plane. When traveling, nobody wants to leave behind their medicines, but what if you resort to CBD as a natural alternative to conventional drugs? Can you take it with you? Can you have problems if they find you CBD oil when going through customs or security control? These are all good questions and they are things you should ask yourself. Unfortunately, in most places the CBD is in a gray area. It can be legal or illegal, depending on the type of product used, the point of departure and the place of destination. Let’s see what you can and cannot do.

  1. It may trigger the symptoms of anxiety

There are several ways to combat anxiety, including medications such as SSRIs and benzodiazepines, as well as meditation and life changes, such as following a healthy diet or sleeping properly. Some people who suffer from anxiety have also had great success with cannabis, being one of the disorders that most often try to combat grass. It is shown that cannabis reduces the symptoms of some types of anxiety, although in other people, the effect of this plant intensifies and even triggers the symptoms. Yes! The use of CBD may trigger the anxiety symptoms in some people.

  1. Quality CBD can be produced from cross-breeding

    Today; some marijuana farmers can produce cannabis plants that contain high levels of CBD by cross breeding between varieties. There are approximately 3000 varieties spread throughout the world and some of them contain enough levels of cannabinoid to produce high-quality CBD products.

  2. CBD from hemp or marijuana is the same

    No matter where it comes from, CBD is the same. CBD from hemp or from marijuana is the same, at least that which is considered by human metabolism. In other words, at the molecular level, each cannabinoid has no difference with other cannabinoids.

CBD and weight loss

CBD has been proven in multiple studies that CBD influences metabolic and immune processes, so introducing it into food can generate considerable long-term benefits. Generally, the adverse effect of CBD is the lack of appetite, and although some would like to use it precisely to achieve this effect, and consequently reduce weight, this is not advisable for epileptic patients. While THC increases appetite, by stimulating ghrelin receptors, (a natural compound known as the hunger hormone), CBD blocks this action through the cannabinoid receptors, which block ghrelin. From these facts we can conclude that CBD can help you lose weight.


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