Fine Authentic Jamaican Rum Cream Recipes

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Jamaican rum cream, a beverage partly inspired by Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, is a highly appreciated drink has been slowly gaining international notoriety in the last few years. Invented in 1983 by doctor Ian Sangster, it is one of the first drinks that combined the smoothness of dairy products with the biting taste of alcohol. Despite its relatively high amount of alcohol (about 17 % by volume), it boasts a rich texture filled with various aromas.

Since its inception, other rum cream manufacturers such as O’Riley’s, Corona and McKinney’s, amongst others, have improved on the formula by adding ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits and various types of spices. But if you want to try this out of yourself, you do not have to necessarily purchase these brands from a store as you can easily prepare it at home. Here are a few fine authentic Jamaican rum cream recipes.


How to Prepare the Rum Cream

The rum cream itself is very easy and straightforward to prepare, and it will take only a few minutes out of your busy schedule. Here are the ingredients that you need to pick up from the convenience store:

·         One cup of condensed milk (preferably sweet)

·         One cup of half & half or heavy cream

·         One or one and a half cups of amber rum

For an extra degree of flavor and smoothness, you can also include the following ingredients. They are entirely optional, and how many of them end up in the mixture is entirely up to you:

·         One teaspoon of vanilla extract

·         One and a half teaspoons of coconut extract

·         Four or five tablespoons of brewed coffee

·         Two to three tablespoons of chocolate syrup

·         One teaspoon of cinnamon

·         One and a half teaspoons of natural banana extract

Once you gather all the necessary and optional ingredients, all you have to do is pour them in your chosen container and mix them all together until they gain a pasty, thick texture. Pour the mixture in a glass, add a couple of ice cubes and congratulate yourself, because you have just managed to prepare an authentic rum cream beverage.

If you want to take it to the next level, you will be pleased to find out that this mixture has multiple purposes. You can use it to prepare a wide variety of jamaican rum cream recipes, which include tasty alcoholic beverages such as shots and cocktails, or you can simply add it to ice cream and coffee.


The first option is Mudslide, a delicious, easy to prepare cocktail based on Jamaican rum cream. While some people might not like the vodka and Kahlua combo, the other ingredients will mask the strong taste of alcohol and make it more manageable, so you do not have to worry about managing a hangover the following day. Apart from a blender, you will need to pick up the following things:

·         30 milliliters of vodka

·         30 to 50 milliliters of Kahlua

·         30 millimeters of cream, vanilla ice cream, milk (or all, it all depends on your taste buds)

·         30 milliliters of Jamaican Rum cream

Pour the ingredients into your blender and mix them until the mixture gains a thick texture and smooth color. If the alcohol is still too strong, you can add vanilla extract or a few milliliters of chocolate syrup to enhance its sweetness and add an extra degree of flavor.

Banana Sandwich

Another delicious beverage that takes full advantage of the rum cream’s smoothness is the Banana Sandwich. Unlike the Mudslide, which some people might find too strong for a cocktail due to the vodka, this one is based solely on Kahlua. As for the ingredients, you will need:

·         30 milliliters of Kahlua

·         Five milliliters of Jamaican rum cream

·         Nine milliliters of banana cream

Pour the ingredients into a hermetically sealed container and shake thoroughly for about five minutes. If the mixture is not thick, repeat the process. Afterward, pour the cocktail in glasses and add a couple of ice cubes in each one of them.


While being more of a smoothie than a cocktail, the Hummingbird contains enough alcohol to be placed at least somewhere between these two types of beverages. To prepare it, make sure to get the following things:

·         50 to 60 milliliters of vodka.

·         30 milliliters of Jamaican rum cream

·         Milk

·         One Banana

·         Equal amounts of strawberry syrup

·         30 milliliters of Kahlua or Tia Maria

The preparation process is similar to the ones presented above: place all the ingredients in a blender, mix them well and serve the mixture with a few cubes of ice.


Jamaican rum cream is an extremely versatile ingredient that can be either served as a drink or used in combination with other ingredients to prepare cocktails, smoothies, and shots. Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough delicious recipes to cool off your hot summer evenings.


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