Find the Right Caster!

1. Make sure you use the right variety

There are many different types of casters. It is essential that you know exactly what type of casters you need for the cart or other piece of equipment you are going to attach them to. Trying to use casters on equipment they were not designed for could have potentially dangerous consequences. This is why you need to educate yourself before you start buying anything. It would be a good idea to surf the Internet if you are not sure the exact size and variety of casters that are called for by the equipment you are using.

2. Temperature limit

It is also crucial that you verify the exact conditions that the casters are designed to be exposed to. Different types of casters have various limits in terms of the temperatures they can be exposed to. For example, you might have a problem with your rubber wheels melting if they are exposed to heat that is too much for them to handle. This could be a messy ordeal. The manufacturer will have all of the details regarding temperature limits. You must also be mindful about how much weight they are designed to carry. Thee is a nice selection of pallet jack wheels for sale at

3. Weight limit

Casters have more than a temperature limit. They also are limited regarding how much weight they are able to safely carry. Therefore, you must be certain that you buy casters that are equipped to handle the weight of the loads the casters will be forced to support. You certainly do not want the casters to break and collapse under the weight of your load. That could be very problematic if the items you are transporting are fragile or expensive.



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